Seagate sata 80gb sometimes going to pio mode, sometimes not detecting

By debojitk
Dec 22, 2008
  1. Dear all,
    I am going to describe a strange problem here,
    Please take a look at the last reply of the following post.
    it was a one year old thread, so i am spawning a new thread regarding the problem

    My seagate sata 80gb hdd was working very strangely,
    1> sometimes the transfer mode going back to pio, by uninstalling the ide driver i was able to fix it temporarily(going back to udma 5)
    2> the hdd led always continuously blinks after a certain period(1 sec), even in safe mode(i am sure that nothing is going on in hdd, but the disk led blinks dimly).
    3> i have a samsung pata optical drive; when i remove it and runs only with sata hdd, the hdd led always dimly lits.
    4> sometimes at startup, the system fails to detect the hdd, or after a long time detects the hdd, and shows "disk read error at start up", after shutting down, restarting several times or changing the port may sometimes fix the problem
    5> tested the disk with seatools(dos version), sometimes all tests are passed(long and short dst), sometimes results in a short dst failure with a long dst system hang(needed restart).
    6> even when i reinstall windows(with boot cd), the install startup screen comes after several shutdown/poweroff/restarts, even it takes huge time for a quick format, and sometimes when the format waits for a long time, the disk led remains continuously blinking(i know this blink does not indicate any disk read).
    7> from safe mode i saw mup.sys waits for along,(1 min), and for that time no disk activity was there, and if i remove the dvd drive the hdd glows always but the mup.sys wait time is much shorted as normal. i thought it is a power deficiency problem, and i seperated the monitor from the psu and seperately powered it up, with a power cable, even removed the evga 8600gt gfx card.
    9> i also tested the voltage levels of all pins of the psu outlet and the 20 pin power cable with a DMM, but all voltege levels were perpect(5.12v, 12.24v), i dont know abt the amp(current)

    This was the problem with the disk, so i visited seacare centre and got a replacment drive(i thought it to be a brand new, because the power on hours(poh) value was zero during first installation, also with a upgraded firmware). For the very first time the new replacement drive got detected very painfully by taking couple of minutes, i plugged out the drive, reconnected again, and it started running from next startup, but again it has started behaving strangely with all the symptoms described above.

    The POST SCREEN never gave any kind of problem
    i dont know it is a sata controller problem, or the new replaced drive is faulty, or there is a power deficiency, or what the bullshit is going with my pc, when ever i reach to home and starts the system, i literally cry.
    Please help me out of this problem
    The nature of the problem is indeterministic, so if i go for a mobo repair(it is in warranty), they will find it with no problem, becoz the problem may not occur to the service personnel, and they return back my old mobo.
    i visited a repaiman, he told i should visit a doctor, not my pc!

    Please help me out of this problem.

    if i have a entire spare system , how can i identify the culprit with help of the aux system that i can hire from my frnd.

    Reply me please.
    Waiting for your reply,
    Thanks in advance.
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    Double post :mad:
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