Second Hard Drive Problem

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Oct 13, 2004
  1. I am running XP HomeEdition. I purchased another 160 GB hard drive which I used for about 4month. One day, I wanted to access the files on it, but when I tried to access it in windows explorer, I get a message that says Drive D, not formatted and it asks me if I want to format. Of course I say no. If I look at properties, I can see the drive identified, but anything on the volume descriptions shows nothing. I don't know why that suddenly happened. Everything worked fine for 4 month and suddenly this!
    Can that be that I formated my old drive?
    I formated the old drive,which is as C and H, but formated only C with a recovery CD (Sony).
    However, for about 3 days or so,nothing went wrong...
    I don't know what to say...

    Please help with any advice.....
  2. Justin

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    Are you using Windows XP or 2000? If so, check the logical disk manager (it is a snap-in in computer management.) To get there, right click on my computer and select "Manage", then click logical disk manager.

    If you can see the drive and the partition there, right click on the partition and see if you can select "Change driver letter and paths..." and see if you can choose a letter to mount the drive to.

    If an NTFS volume tries to force itself to a certain drive letter but the letter is already used, it may not be mounted. This could be the problem.
  3. stefan3010

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    the drive letter..

    the formal drive letter of my second drive was H,which changed to D after formating my C drive. However, I did what you told me,"change the drive letter" to the formal drive letter H, but it does not solve the problem. I tried to change to other letters, but it does not work...
  4. mrchu

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    If Soul Harvester's advice didn't work (which would be my primary choice aswell) then maybe give Partition Magic a try, see if it can repairy your drive letter woes...if that isnt' the cause then maybe you might have to format...if thats the case I'd back up everything, and format it all completey so windows is happy with the config and you don't get random problems in the future..
  5. stefan3010

    stefan3010 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    does partition magic mean "delete partition"?
    if it is so, it means also that I have to delete the files on the drive...which I don't want to..
    and also,I am not able to backup the files on that drive because it is not accessable..
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