Second HDD used to work, now doesn't

By seanhellen
Nov 7, 2010
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  1. Hi everyone - I've just built up a new pc. I have 3 hard drives

    -hdd1 sata with windows etc on it - works fine
    -hdd2 cannibalised from my laptop, works fine (with adapter)
    -hdd3 other drive that used to work with IDE-Sata adapter, but now doesnt.

    I'll explain:-

    I had an old computer which had a sata board in it, this is the hdd with windows etc on it, this works fine. As I said, I have built a new pc with a crosshair iv formula board in it (which is sata only). No probs, went to maplins and bought a converter (IDE - Sata and vice versa (switchable)).

    This worked fine with the normal hdd for a while, then I swapped to my laptop hdd (with a further adapter to enable me to use "proper sized" IDE cables, not the smaller version that laptop hdds use) and now im swapping back to the normal hdd again, but it wont recognise there is anything there...laptop hdd still works fine, but this one doesn't.

    When I plug in hdd3 and start up the pc, it hangs for a couple of mins on the bios ROG logo screen, then carries on as normal (POST, log into windows, etc as it should), but doesn't register that there is a drive there. This is annoying as there is quite a bit of work I have on this hdd that I want. There are no loose plugs, etc as I can connect hdd2 again and it will be will recognise this one.

    I have tried switching the switch both ways and tried setting the hdd3 jumper to every setting I can but with no difference...except when I switch the switch the other way, it doesnt hang at the bios...but still no recognition on either hdd2/3 so the switch is the right way as it works with hdd2.

    I was going to put a couple of links here for the adapters, but I cant as it is my first post, can find them on the maplins website

    Obviously hdd1 doesn't get touched as it has the os on it, also I have tried different sata ports to no avail, however hdd2 works on this port, so why shouldn't hdd3? :D

    Sorry for the long post :confused: but I have tried to give as much info as I can. Oh, and the pc is running win 7 32bit if that makes a difference, lol :D

    Any suggestions will be gratefully received :grinthumb
  2. seanhellen

    seanhellen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    any at all :D

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