Sega's Genesis Mini is available at its lowest price ever

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What just happened? Sega’s Genesis Mini is currently available at half off its original MSRP, representing the lowest price we’ve seen on the miniature console to date. No word on how much longer Amazon plans to offer the system at a discount so if you’re interested, now’s the time to act.

The Genesis Mini hit the scene in September 2019 in the wake of similar efforts from Nintendo with the NES Classic and SNES Classic and Sony’s PlayStation Classic. The miniature 16-bit replica comes pre-loaded with 42 classic Genesis games alongside two wired controllers and all of the cables needed to get up and running.

Sega originally priced the Genesis Mini at $79.99 but it didn’t take long before significant price cuts kicked in. During Black Friday and on multiple occasions since then, the system has dropped down to just $49.99. Right now, however, you can grab the mini console for half off its original MSRP – just $39.99 – over on Amazon.

In terms of software selection, Sega’s offering rates somewhere in the middle of the pack among the current crop of retro consoles. On the “hardware” side, however, it’s probably the pick of the litter thanks to Sega’s attention to detail. For the Japanese market, the game company even created replica add-ons that add to the overall aesthetic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if those will be brought overseas for North American buyers.

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I bought all of the minis. The Genesis and the Turbografx 16 are the best values by far since the Playstation was a dud and the SNES/NES don't have enough hits beyond the base Nintendo classics.

But I am disappointed Revenge of Shinobi, Michael Jackson Moonwalker and a few of my other favorite Genesis games like F-22 Advanced Interceptor weren't present.

But the real hit is that there is no simple way to add or delete games using the internet.

Fortunately I still have my original Genesis and games. 98874853_10157808727058515_4280279384021008384_o.jpg


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If had it I would consider it, just to have it and mod it to play the games I want, although really that's not necessary as the PS1 classic I purchased for $40 was easily modded and can play any and all the classic console games.

Really wish Sony had given the PS1 classic the dual analog stick controllers, some games just don't work very well without them.