Serious game crash problem (all of my games)

By mightymouse2285
Jun 9, 2005
  1. Ok I am so frustrated and REALLY DESPERATE. I have had this PC for two years. It has worked fine. I recently reformatted due to a networking problem i couldnt fix and got frustrated... Now after my reinstallation EVERY game I play crashes a few minutes into gameplay. Also during regurlar PC use like Internet browsing my screen will freeze and then flash black when the picture returns everything works fine... except for games of course. Here are my specs:

    Pentium 4 2.66GHz
    512 MB of Corsair Ram
    Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP1
    Nvidia Geforce 4 128MB Video Card
    Nvidia 71.89 Win2kxp video drivers
    DirectX 9.0C

    Now here is the LONG list of things I have already tried.
    I reformatted my computer literally a couple of hours after the first reformatt.
    I ran all of the DXDiag tests.
    I wiped the video drivers and reinstalled using Driver Cleaner Pro.
    I updated my sound card drivers
    I disabled my on board sound
    I ran SpeedFan to monitor my CPU temp it runs between 32-40 degrees C.
  2. mightymouse2285

    mightymouse2285 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no luck

    add another reformatt to that list with no success this time i reverted to a previous driver didnt install direct x 9.0c and only played older games. Still getting monitor flashes and game freezes.
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