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By learninmypc
Nov 1, 2014
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  1. Following the directions I've used in the past, I click the 3 horizonal bars & in the drop down menu I click settings. Making sure my home page is at I go to On startup I click the radio buttone for "Open a specific page or set of pages." & click use current page which uses
    When I launch Google Chrome it goes to but when I click the home icon it goes to a linkless google search page (New Tab)
    A New tab.JPG How do I fix this? I believe it should go to the KIRO home page not google. TIA :)
  2. Jad Chaar

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    I ditched Chrome for Safari a few weeks back but I can still help you :p.

    Before I give you directions, we need to make some differentiations between settings. This is the "Start up" setting, which means that whenever you startup Chrome it will load a new tab page or continue where you left off or open a specified page. Set this if you want Chrome to start up on a certain page.

    If you look down on the settings page, you will see the "Appearance" section. Under that, select the "Show Home Button" checkbox. Then, after you do that, you can change the home page by clicking "Change". See the image below if you need help.

    Screen Shot 6.
  3. learninmypc

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    Ok, I always click the show home page radio button & despite playing with the settings,(as you suggested first) no change so I've decided to just click the "Continue where you left off" radio button & be happy with it. I have bookmarked the google chrome help page so perhaps after another cup of coffee or two I'll figured it out. :)
    "EDIT": @JC713 Do I need to be logged into my google account?"
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  4. learninmypc

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    @JC713, it took a while but I got it figured out, thank you.:).

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