Setting up a wired network - really need help!

By TheMountaineer
May 21, 2006
  1. Hi.

    I am setting up a network using wires. There are two computers. One of my computers has been networked before so I know that is ok, but this other one hasn't.

    The motherboard manual says that it has a RJ45 port ("This allows connection to a LAN through a Network Hub").
    This is the computer I want to be the master.
    What is a network hub? Do I need to buy one? I am going to town soon and so need to know what I need.
    So far, I am thinking that I only need a wire to connect the two computers. Do I need anything else?

    Is this RJ45 what I need or do I need to buy a NIC?

    Basically I have a computer with a network card, and I think my other has a network card (RJ45), and so I think that I only need to buy a wire.

    I am dumb at networking. Also, is it simple to get an internet connection on the connected computer?
    And do the two network slots have to be compatible or anything? Both are using XP.

    Help really needed/appriciated.


    PS on the computer with the RJ port, in device manager under: network adapters is shows my modem and:
    1394 net adapter
    Is this what I need?

    And, do I need to install anti-virus/firewalls, on the computer not connected to the internet?
  2. Nodsu

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    Yes, if it's a RJ45 jack, then it will work just fine. You don't have the local area connection listed under the network adapters, so you probably need to install the drivers for the network adapter.

    Hub.. Where were you going to connect the computers? If you are just going to link the two computers, then all you need is a crossover cable. If you actually have some network device to connect the computer to, then you already have your "hub".

    No, you don't need a firewall if there's no internet connection and you trust the other computer.
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