Setting Up An ICS With WAN and LAN

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Dec 28, 2005
  1. I've been trying to figure out a way to connect my desktop to the internet through my laptop. Here is the way that my internet is currently setup. I'm using FIOS which is directly connected to a wireless router. My laptop is connected wirelessly to the router and my desktop is connected directly to my laptop via ethernet. I'm not sure how to exactly setup ICS server in conjunction with my router or if this is even possible. Thanks.
  2. Nodsu

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    Why not connect the desktop to the router too?

    Or if you insist.. Just follow any ICS setup guide - the procedure is the same no matter what kind of internet connection you have.
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    Hello, I have the same setup but im using a gateway instead of a router.

    What you have to do is get a program to manage your DNS
    in order to share an internet connection.

    All you have to do is delete any information in the "DNS" part of your TCP/IP managment protocall (right click on device on network connections, then go to properties, tcp/ip should be there) then once you have done that you need to install a proxy server program on computer 1 (internet pc) i used:

    Once installed on host PC configure the laptop to connect to the proxy program on the host pc. You can do this by:

    going to internet options on the control panel

    go to connections then to LAN settings at the bottom

    then click the box labeled "use a proxy server..."

    then click advanced and input the ip of the host pc and then put in the ports for ccproxy, which are all 808 apart from "socks" which is 1080 and "ftp" which is 2121.

    Hope this helps, if not i can do remote assistance some time,

  4. MFX

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    Thanks, that worked. However I'm having problems connecting with connecting to some websites like ebay. I'm not sure whats wrong because other sites work fine. Thanks again.

    Actually, it would seem that IE works fine with the proxy, but Firefox is having problems with connecting to certain sites like ebay. Can you help? Thanks
  5. gamingguy27

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    You may need to change firefox's settings as it uses a differnt socks protocall to windows, but Opera is free now and ive had no problems with using Opera in my network.

    Also if it helps ive attached a printscreen of my cc proxy config.

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