Setting up NAS on Sky broadband help

By sambest19
Sep 27, 2009
  1. Hi guys i have just bought a NAS on ebay with the following description...

    right to my next issue. now the pc is up and running i want to set up a NAS i bought off ebay, it's a...

    Envizage present this Brand new external USB and 10/100 network attached (NAS) 500GB hard drive unit. The drive is USB2 but also supports USB1 and comes pre-formatted and is ready for immediate use. Just plug in, turn on and you're done - these really are that simple to use! Network set up is also easy with its own web based management application. Supports both Static IP and DHCP address allocation.

    Just connect to your router or wireless router and share files instantly on your network. Alternatively, connect the USB port to a PC and use solely on one machine.

    If you are unsure about setting up the drive on your network, call us and we can guide you through step by step.

    * Provides an instant share of photos, videos, music and data over your network using the built-in Network Attached Storage(NAS).
    * Easy configuration using the web based management application - no software required.
    * Built-in Samba server- for cross platform transfer amongst different operating systems
    * Built-in NFS server- for native Linux platform.
    * Built-in FTP server to provide data transfer over the internet.
    * Easy installation, support cost is low, suitable for home or office networks.
    * Can be used as a standard USB2.0 device also.
    * USB Host enables transfer of files from USB devices such as memory / flash drives.

    * File Systems Supported: FAT32, NTFS, EXT3.
    * Supports USB2 and USB1.
    * USB Host Port.
    * Language support for English, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Thai, Russian, Chinese.

    But i cannot get past the first stage where you have to go to http://NAS it won't work. i read somewhere it might because i am using a sky wireless modem, sky provide my broadband. i do have a spare netgear wireless router.

    any ideas on how i can set all this up???
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