Setting up SATA RAID 0 with PATA configuration?

By howeydesign
Nov 22, 2005
  1. Hello. I'm setting up an ASUS K8V SE Deluxe motherboard with two Maxtor 80gig SATA-150 drives in a RAID 0 configuration. I plan on having a third, standard ATA-133, drive to backup the RAID 0 drives using something like Norton Ghost.

    Here's my question: What is the best way to set all this up from both performance & reliability standpoints? The standard parallel drive will be more than large enough to both backup the SATA RAID drives as well as use for additional storage.

    Here's what I'm thinking, let me know if anyone has any better suggestions: I will partition the PATA drive to contain a partition just big enough to backup the 160gigs of RAID 0 drive space, and have a second partition for other data.

    What I'm not sure about is whether to install XP on the RAID 0 array or on the ATA-133 drive (remember, I'm looking at both performance AND reliability here). Then, should all my applications be installed on the RAID or the ATA?

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