Sharing folders: Unable to connect

By eddy05
Nov 2, 2005
  1. When I connect to a shared folder on my laptop from my desktop, I was able to connect without being prompted for a username and password.

    But when I tried to connect to a shared folder on my desktop from my laptop, I was unable to connect, getting an error message saying that there is a user authentication error, possibily due to blank password (Yeah, both of the PC's are using accounts with blank passwords, but why did the error only happen when connecting from the laptop to the desktop?), logon hour restrictions (My network isn't using a domain) or policy restriction (But I didn't set anything).

    I am able to access the shared drive using Desktop's administrator account and password. I've already used the Network Setup Wizard to set my network up, Desktop being the DHCP server.

    I know it isn't a good security practice, but how can I set my network so that I can access both network shares without having to log in using an administrator's account?
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