should i risk putting an athlon xp into my abit kt7a raid v1.1?

By konman43 · 4 replies
Apr 23, 2002
  1. i own an abit kt7a raid 1.1 with an overclocked duron and pc150 ram 2/2/2. i would like to upgrade my old duron to a new xp cpu, but dont want to buy a new mobo for it, and the ram that comes along as well. i have read somewhere online that it is possible to put the xp into a kt7a, but some of the mobos just have some kind of timing difference that will sometimes lock up the computer. have any of you tried to put in an athlon xp into a kt7a that was not v1.3?
  2. Rick

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    I've heard about that problem too, and I've heard people who have had some bad luck taking the risk. My suggestion would be not to try it.

    If you need more processor power and are afraid of what the XP might do, just get a Thunderbird instead. You'll get a 50-100% performance gain and you won't have to pay the premium of an XP. You can also be certain your system will work after you pop it up.

    If you don't want a T-bird, then you should wait until you can upgrade the rest of your system to accomodate an XP. If you are going to do it.. Do it right.
  3. Vehementi

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    Check Abit's website, there may be a BIOS revision to support it.
    Otherwise I wouldn't try it, just go for a TBird.
  4. uncleel

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    sorry, your out of luck

    The KT7A version 1.3 or newer will support an XP up to 1.9 GHz.

    One of our sponsors, Azzo was selling that combo
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  5. Spliffmeister

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    I was in a similar position my self not too long ago. I have an Abit KT7 (not the Raid) and wanted to upgrade from my 700T-Bird. The KT7 accommodates up to a maximum the 1.4 Thunderbird, but I had to make sure that it was the 200Mhz FSB one and not the 266 as apparently this one would not run at its optimum level. Did you say you have the KT7a R? If so you will be able to but the 1.4 T-Bird with the 266Mhz FSB, and you should still be able to pick up one of those.... From what I remember the 200 version was being phased out but the 266 is still being sold everywhere..... Enjoy the spped increase!!:cool: :D
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