should i upgrade the power supply

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Aug 31, 2007
  1. i purchased a
    HIS Hightech H130HMF128E1N Radeon X1300 512MB HyperMemory with 128MB Onboard 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x1 for my dell e310 i was wondering if i sould upgrade the power supply to support this card i currently have 230 watts
  2. Tmagic650

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    Yes, but you will have to get the better supply from Dell... The prower supply may be proprietary
  3. rickk1

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    Actually, you do not have to buy the powersupply from Dell but you must buy a power supply that is built for only a dell.

    Try these 2 places:

    I've bought Dell power supplies from both of them and they worked. I used their Dell configurator.
  4. Crazyman3820

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    it though on the video cards main website that it is compatible with my model
  5. Crazyman3820

    Crazyman3820 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    it says on the video cards main website that it is compatible with my model
  6. rickk1

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    The problem is that it may be compatible but your computer has other hardware that needs wattage as well and your power supply is not giving enough wattage to support the other hardware.

    Most new computers come with a minimum of 300watts and this is minimal at best. Recently, I ran across a topic concerning power supplies on and it makes sense. Here is what they said:

    If you've added a lot of new components to your PC, you may be overtaxing your existing power supply, so look at getting a bigger, better one. Power supplies can cause problems--including random crashes or even component failure--if they are asked to produce more power than they are designed to generate.

    Although many PC cases are sold with a pre-installed power supply, check it carefully---your power requirements may exceed the capacity of the pre-installed unit. How do you know? Here's a quick guide:

    Low-End CPU

    Mid To High-End CPU

    7 per 128MB

    PCI Add-In Card

    Low To Mid-Range Graphics

    High-End Graphics

    IDE Hard Drive

    Optical Drives

    Do the math. You may need to purchase a higher-output power supply for your new PC.
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