Shutdown during system resume


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Hello all,

I'm having a pretty unique issue. My laptop's battery died recently out of the blue (HP DV6t 6100). I purchased a replacement battery.

The battery seems to be working fine, holds a charge well. It doesn't fit 100% perfectly, there's a slight amount of "jiggling," but I can jiggle the battery around and the power does not turn off or anything.

When I close the lid to my laptop, it goes into sleep mode. When I reopen the lid, the log in screen appears, and then the laptop dies. I can manually turn it on again after ~15 seconds or after removing the battery and putting it back in. This does not occur when the laptop is plugged in.

I have been trying to experiment to see what else triggers this to happen. I have found that when I go into "Hibernation" mode and then wake the laptop up, it dies during the "system resume" process. It will continue to repeatedly die during system resume until it is plugged into a charger, and then starts up normally.

Does this sound like a faulty battery issue or something more? Where in the world can I find a reputable source for a HP DV6T 6100 battery?

Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit for the record.
I'm inclined to just blame the battery, but as the old battery is 100% dead, I cannot know for sure.


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Yes, I would return that "cheap" battery and make sure that you get a equavalent battery with the same HP part number


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Delete the exisiting hiberfil.sys file and then perform hibernation to recreate another valid copy. It's in the root directory.