Shuttle releases new compact gaming rig, J3-5800G

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Although E3 news is overwhelmingly comprised of console updates, accessories and software titles, the year's biggest video game conference inevitably calls PC makers and peripheral companies out to play. As such, Shuttle has taken the opportunity to roll out a new gaming rig, which supposedly already has enthusiasts, scientists, and corporate execs lining up.

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It goes up $700 for a gtx480? Surely it would be cheaper to not get it and buy it separately?

I believe they need do need the apple logo, and proper enthusiasts would build a rig which is way more powerful and without being pre-loaded with rubbish software for a lower price?


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The sound of "COMPACT" and "GAMING" don't sound so good to me, sure its high end, but what about cooling?


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The cooling aspects is not as hard as it sounds especially if you try to use direct venting, or liquid cooling with 1/4" tubes or copper piping (still relatively difficult in comparison to a desktop considering how packed this thing will be). My question is how they manage to fit a Power supply strong enough to power the graphics card alone. I can't imagine a full ATX or even modified ATX style power supply fitting in a form factor that small. I managed in Sketchup to do essentially the same thing (with a 5870 rather than a 480) in a 12"x12"x6.5" ish box with a full sized power supply, and I thought THAT was small. =)


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Shuttle SilentX 400w power supply in my Shuttle SP35P2 Pro runs:
Q6600 @ 3Ghz
4Gb OCZ PC6400
XFX ATI Radeon HD5850 (850/1200)
500Gb Samsung Spinpoint HD
Sony Optiarc 24X DVD-RW

No problem for its PSU. I've now owned at least 3 Shuttle units, and had top end or near top end equipment in all of them and never had any power issues.
Only reason I opted for 5850 is that the 5870 was hard to fit in. Involved modding the HSF sleeve or the mobo power connector which is a little in the way.


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As to the cooling they usually employ a heatpipe cooling system.

"Shuttle's patented Heatpipe Cooling technology with variable speed control automatically ensures maximum system stability and quiet operation in this aluminium Shuttle Mini-PC. Instead of swirling around the chassis, as is the case with conventional solutions, the warm air is specifically transferred out of the chassis."


Hey Guys --

@Arris is right on.

Shuttle not only designs and manufactures the barebone PC itself, but Shuttle also created a heat-pipe/cooling solution to cool all the high-end components you throw at it.

As long as it's validated, it'll work in the unit. I know a lot of people are conditioned to think that a 500W PSU can only handle this or that -- it's because not all PSUs are 'created equal'. Not all PSUs are more than 80% efficient, with one of the highest 80 PLUS certifications.

Shuttle has controlled this quite well, so as long as you have a Shuttle 500W 80 PLUS power supply in your high end box, i.e. as with the J3 5800G or J3 5800P, it'll handle all the high-end components that we promote it will handle. It's just THAT efficient!

Plus, you can always call the support team at 626-820-9000 during the normal business hours if you have any other questions before you buy. You can also call the same number and speak with one of the sales people to help you put together a quote for what you want.

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