SimCity launch screwed up a second time, Mac version riddled with bugs

Shawn Knight

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It’s been nearly six months since SimCity launched on the PC where it was met with a whole host of issues. Maxis and EA eventually got things under control and even offered early adopters a free game for their troubles...

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Thats what you get when you work for a lazy company with lazy developers... seriously how hard is it to make a game without any launch problems... seems like rocket science to these guys its pathetic.


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Laziness is just flowing through the air conditioning in the EA offices these days.

I'm in quite the dilemma now. I don't know whether to point and laugh at EA or the mac users who still bought Babys First SimCity after the PC debacle.


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What you people must remember is that EA's poor employees main objectives is to make money, keep shareholders & EA execs happy (they have several luxury houses, several luxury condo's, several luxury vehicles plus a bad drug habit to support you know) and they need your money to do just that. The problems associated with the release are just minor annoyances that can be solved with a bit of lip service & a free game that's already turned a profit for them.
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Do people really play games on Macs? I guess the Pro's have some graphical grunt but the rest? they're not really "gaming grade" laptops? Hell a lot of them are using Intel's in-built graphics!

Although I have to admit, it is crazy nobody checked it works on the latest Mac OS, as Fimbles said, I hope people are getting their money back to hurt their pocket and therefore, stop this from happening again.


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NHL14 should be the same as usual. NFL25 for iOS sucks though. The free to play garbage ruined it.
NHL14 is using a new physics engine that actually makes hits realistic. The demo is pretty awesome, I just hope they don't screw things up with their "pay to win" philosophy. Apparently, if you have money, you're a better hockey team.
Millions of ppl say the same sh*t every year and the same millions of people come back and buy games from EA again in the future.
I have over 460 hours in BF3. If they ruin my favorite pc game, I will be done. I can guarantee that.


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EA should just give up.
If they screw up NHL14 or BF4, I'm done with EA.
Millions of ppl say the same sh*t every year and the same millions of people come back and buy games from EA again in the future.
I said that after Mass Effect 3 and I didn't come back. Granted, it helps that the only game I was interested in after that was SimCity and I could see that disaster coming months away.