SimCity sequel to be announced next week at GDC, concept art leaked


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A new iteration of Maxis' city-building and urban planning game SimCity is reportedly in the works and set for an official reveal at next week's Game Developers Conference (GDC) in…

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I truly hope this is true. I have been an avid fan of SimCity since the first SimCity when I got it at 8 years old.

It broke my heart after SimCity 4 and hearing that there wouldn't (probably) be another SimCity.

I loved SimCity 4, but since Windows 7 I haven't been able to play it due to it not working correctly with 64-bit and all the graphical artifacts (was not the video cards, Dual EVGA GTX260 Core 216 cards).

Maxis, I really hope you will do your best to make this the best SimCity yet. Also, please keep the multiple region/city interconnections (like in SimCity 4) in the new SimCity. That, in my opinion, was one of the best things about SimCity 4, even more than being able to drive the vehicles around town.


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I want Maxis to really take their time on the development of this game. I'm more than happy to wait for as long as it takes for a well made SimCity game.


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I love just about every game in The Sims series, especially Sim Golf and Sim City. I just can't bring myself to buy a game published by EA anymore...I'd still like to see this be a good game, no use having crap games bloat up the market. Maybe I'll pick it up for $10 a year after it comes out.


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The Sim City franchise has always been my favorite of the Sim titles. I am really looking forward to this


It sounds like they are pretty much ignoring the existence of Simcity Societies, which is probably good. Simcity 4 was a great game, but Societies wasn't very good. Hopefully that means the new game will be more like Simcity 4.


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I've played Sim City, Sim City 2000, and whatever the next one was (3000?). Whatever came after 2000 got too complicated for me. I think the sweet spot was 2000. Hopefully this one brings back some of the greatness of 2000 without making it having a big learning curve.


Hope we can start where they left us. Hope it will have an option to load the old games saved city profile so i can see my abandoned grand mega gadam city in 3D and take it from there.