Sims 2 gives me multiple issues...

By Blackwatch186
Apr 18, 2007
  1. The first issue I came up with my Sims game is that when I tried to install it, it got to 21% and then an error message saying that sfx1.package missed and could not be copied. There are no scratches on the cd, and I cleaned it a dozen times, so there are no hairs, fingerprints, etc. on the disk.

    THEN I manually installed the data onto my pc using a "Disk Images" folder in the C drive. I did everything right in that sense, however the compressed file on disk 1 would not copy, saying something about a cyclic redundency check. From what I understand it's because it's copy protected? It wouldn't let me extract all the files either, because "explorer.exe encountered a problem and needed to close". I copied and pasted all the files individually into the "Disk1" folder though. I managed to get the game to install AND start, but only until I try to enter a neighborhood (pick one, ANY one) and the game crashes on me. "The application has crashed and will now terminate". I can't get it to load any further past that.

    I have DirectX9.0c, 102 GB of free space, 128 MB of RAM, an Intel 82915G/GV/910 GL Express Chipset card (I hope that makes more sense to someone else than it does me), 4 CPU 2.8 GHz processor annnnd... what did I miss? Anything? Oh yeah, I have Windows XP.

    I just want to get my game working! *rips her hair out*
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