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Sims 2 Problems

By BloodRaven ยท 53 replies
Sep 20, 2004
  1. i just got the sims 2 and it is very choppy when i play it....almost to the point to where i cant play it, the only way i can even get it playable is playing the game thru window mode and not fullscreen. sure it works fine then but id much rather play it fullscreen. and its not my computer cuz i have more than enough to power the game. hopefully its just a glitch that a simple patch can fix but i really want to know whats going on and if anyone else is having the same problem.......by the way, this game rocks, i highly recommend this game to every one who enjoyed playing the first sims.
  2. BloodRaven

    BloodRaven TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 89

    ok it might have been a hardware problem cuz now that i upgraded, it works just fine...
  3. chomp_babe

    chomp_babe TS Rookie


    Hi I was just wondering what exactly you upgraded because I am experiencing a similar problem. If you could reply I would be very grateful.

  4. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,247   +448

    I assume you upgraded your video card? Or was it your processor? I've just never heard anyone say that a 5600 was more than enough for anything.
  5. The General

    The General TS Rookie


    i found it choppy but i went to nvidia.com and got the 61.77 drivers that works with most nvidia cards. it improved quite a lot but still gets choppy when theres a lot goin on. my spec should be able to run it better as Quake 3 runs sweet on it.
  6. Deansta

    Deansta TS Rookie

    Im haivng real trouble with this. Im running a high spec comp, more than enough for the game, but after about 7 seconds on the main page once the game has loaded, it just locks up. The whole computer freezes, and there is no way of gettin out of it as it seems to lock up the mouse and keyboard too, forcing a reset. Has anyone else had this and how can i improve it? - i have the latest drivers, so i dont think thats the prob!

    Edited because of language
  7. dubs1013

    dubs1013 TS Rookie

    ok i have a bad chopping problem like some of you have or had. this is my graphics card...
    Nvidia GeForce4 mx 440 with AGP8x

    I think I installed 66.17 too, but it still choops, PLEASE HELP!
  8. Deansta

    Deansta TS Rookie

    i think i can help everyone. theres this kewl guy who alters the latest versions of drivers to optimise them. My version froze after a few seconds, these new drivers fixed that problem, so im sure they can help the choppy ness.

    Click here
  9. dubs1013

    dubs1013 TS Rookie

    how do i do it? i sleceted my OS but which one should i download? and what is a mirror?
  10. Deansta

    Deansta TS Rookie

    u go to the driver brand u want. then click on the driver u want for ur grahics card, then ur OS. the mirrors are site which host the download, since it wud cost the guy loads to host them all himself. just pick one, anyone will do, and download it. extract it. and theres probs a read me in there. if not.... go to control panel/system/ hardware/ device manager / display adaptors (ur graphics card will be listed and its current driver) double click it / click the driver tab / update driver / from specified location / then click on browse and click on the file u downloaded and extracted(sumin like C:programfiles: omega - or sumin) and then wen u find the file, say install driver. it will be like "warning this driver isnt signed by microsoft, even tho our drivers will probs cause more problems than if u installed a virus into ur windows folder" ...or sumin like that. but u say continue anyway, and make sure u always copy the files, cuz if u stop 1/2 way, or dont copy one of the new ones accross (wen it warns u for sum reason) ...ill have to spend the next 2 hours of my life typing up to tell u how to fix it. :p
  11. dubs1013

    dubs1013 TS Rookie

    Which one would i click on? you know what type of grafix xcard i have and i have windows xp, and what should i save it to/as

  12. BloodRaven

    BloodRaven TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 89

    when i got an upgrade i upgraded my proccesor to a AMD 64 3000+ and it worked a whole lot better. the stupid thing was that i had an AMD Athlon 2500+ and it ran like crapand another thing is my video card that has 256mb of ram on it and it doesnt seem like it. performance wise i mean. is that GeForce 5600 and good? or should i consider upgrading soon, and if so should i change to ATI? and another thing, in the bios there is a option called aperture size and sinse i have a 256 video card i thought that i should put it at 256 but i dont notice a performance chance. but yeah thats all i wanted to know for now, any info would help. thanks
  13. Deansta

    Deansta TS Rookie

    dubs, just save it sumwhere. just click on any of the mirrors, it duznt matter which one within the section for ur card and OS as theyre all the same file. download sites use mirrors so that if one goes down, u can use another and so that it spreads the downloads over many servers instead of one. save it anywhere u want for now. like in my "documents" "dubs folder" or anything that takes ur fancy. then extract it and such. on the newer ones, hes made an auto installer too since hes gettin better at coding. So just download. extract. run it. and if ur lucky it'l install itslef automatically when u open it.
  14. 0pal_t0ad

    0pal_t0ad TS Rookie

    BloodRaven, i don't think it was ur processor 'cos i have a duron1600 and it runs smoothly but....
    i do have a similar problem to you, Deansta. but mine only freezes when some skill levels increase. I notice a blue light starts appearing abovemy head but when gets to the size of a screw head(on a 19" @ 1024) it stops.
  15. Deansta

    Deansta TS Rookie

    oooo. duno wots that about. the graphics drivers from omega sorted mine out fine. runs as smooth as a hovercraft XD
  16. BloodRaven

    BloodRaven TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 89

    hmm, i got the omega drivers and all it did was make my games run choppy....it was wierd.
  17. Deansta

    Deansta TS Rookie

    very weird. a few of my mates used them and it fixed theres. sos bout that!
  18. spangles _4000

    spangles _4000 TS Rookie

    hi i've got the sims 2 a few days ago and when ever i go to play it a box saying "the application has crashed it will now terminate" if anyone knows how to fix this please please let me know!
  19. BloodRaven

    BloodRaven TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 89

    yes this has also happend to me as well, but it only happend a few times and stoppped, so i never found out what went wrong.
  20. LeaLaLa

    LeaLaLa TS Rookie

    Same problem

    i have the exact same problem tell me when u have fixed it cuz omg i really wanna play this game without it keep locking up like this...please and thankyou

    email me at damn_ur_a_hottie@hotmail.com
  21. BloodRaven

    BloodRaven TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 89

    hmm, it seems like every one is encountering a large variety of problems while playing the game. i think that ea games needs to make a patch for this game to fix all these problems, and quick!
  22. ~FLAN~

    ~FLAN~ TS Rookie

    The Sims 2 Trouble!!!


    i just bought the sims 2 and it doesnt work ive loaded sims fine but then it says :
    failed to find any direct 9.oc compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will now terminate.
    ive tryed downwloading some directX 9.0c but its not workin any information would be so gr8 any help plz plz plz send me emails at F___R___A___N@hotmail.com asap
  23. cesca2004

    cesca2004 TS Rookie

    i need your help on graphics

    Ello i got the game n it is fine its the best pc game in the world...BUT there is one problem my graphics on all objects houses and the sims is choppy it has rough edges if i go onto the graphic menu it has an icon which says "smooth edges" less or more which i am gessing is the anser to it all exept i cannot use that button it wont let me if there is another way to solve this or if that is the way and you know how to fix it please let me know THNX ...:)
  24. subconsci

    subconsci TS Rookie

    i need help

    my sims 2 is reali very choppy too..im usin acer notebook..n i tink my graphic card is INTEL 82855 GME graphic controller..is there any way i can fix it?any help would be great..
  25. Jeska

    Jeska TS Rookie

    Help Needed :d

    Hi i got the sims 2 about 3 weeks ago and I LOVE IT :D cept i kinda have a problem.. one of my families in pleasant ville was going reeealy well when one day i sent my teenager off to school and it was 7:30 and she was still not back :confused: so i looked around and realised that the bus was outside my house!:eek: just sitting there it wont move my girl wont come off it and i dont know wat to do all of her health bar thingos r going down and i cant see her newhere :haha: if neone klnoews how to get my teenager back and remove this dam bus plz reply! BYE ALL :wave:undefined
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