Sims2 problem

By help_me93
Dec 4, 2007
  1. hi everyone

    i have successfully installed the sims 2, but everytime i go to start it, it comes up saying " please eject and re-insert CDROM to restart application". I have unistalled it and installed it again, but it keeps saying the same thing. My computer meets all the system requiments aswell. also i have installed the sims 2 before and it has worked.

    any suggestions would be appriciated :D
  2. xfilescreature

    xfilescreature TS Rookie

    I had problems with that about this time last year. Turns out, I had some custom-content that was bad or something, so it worked fine after I deleted it, and reinstalled, again.
  3. help_me93

    help_me93 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the advice

    im really sorry but im hopeless with computers. so where would i find this bad "custom-content"?? and how would i delete it??

    thanks again :D
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