Build a PC single or dual channel memory does it matter?

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i believe my mobo only accepts single channel memory, i tried to upgrade my system with dual channel, and it reboots constantly. please advice!!!!!


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There is no such thing.....

The memory DIMMs are neither single or dual channel, it's the motherboard that determines how the RAM is accessed. Did you match exactly the specifications of the original RAM when you upgraded?
Please follow this link to Tedster's guide for upgrading RAM:

When RAM is sold as "dual channel" it simply means that there are two DIMMS (each with half the amount of the upgrade value), one for each channel of a dual channel motherboard.


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A dual-channel kit also means that both memory modules sold in the pack have been tested together in a dual-channel system & are guaranteed to work in such a configuration.


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almost all recent mobos are dual channel capable. Generally the slots are color coded.

Ram sellers say dual channel ready as a marketing gimmick. In reality, any ram that is certified to run on your board should also be able to run in dual channel mode when combined with an identical twin pair in a dual channel slot.

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