Slave drive having serious problems

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Jan 12, 2013
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  1. I received my new SDD today and installed Windows 7 on it. After I was all done installing all drivers and updates, I plugged my slave drive back in that contains all my media. At first when I would boot into windows, I was getting a "recycle bin on E:\ is corrupted" message and the slave drive kept on connecting and disconnecting while in Windows.

    I decided to boot into my old installation of Windows that is on my old mechanical drive. I can access the files on the slave drive, but the drive tends to hang a lot, and it won't let me copy any files off of it. I ran a chkdsk /f that finished, but when I try to run a chkdsk /r, it gets stuck on stage 4.

    I am really hoping that I do not lose any of this data as it is not backed up. I was waiting on this new SSD to I can back it all up and now it seems I can't. If anyone could help me with this, it would be appreciated. I really hope this drive is not dying on me :/
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    Probably a failing disk. Try different IDE/SATA port or different IDE/SATA cable, make sure they are securely connected.
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    Run a diagnostic utility on it like Seatools. Start with a SMART check and then a short drive self test. If it passes both of those, back up your real important stuff, then you can mess with stuff like chkdsk. If your drive is really on its way out you don't want to have it running a long time doing checks when you can use that time to back up data instead.
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    Found a similar thread and strongly beleive that this is from the same starter Atwooooood. Have a look
    Starter is responding to other communities but forget to give any response here, is it good? Though, it seems that they might found the solution for their problem.
  5. Atwooooood

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    I apologize, I've been away from my computer for a few days and forgot to report back here. Yes that was my thread on Hard Forum, and it turns out the drive was going bad. I managed to salvage 95% of my data although it took me nearly 18 hours and have since purchased a new mechanical drive.

    Thank you everyone for your responses.
  6. oliverpowell

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    Nice to hear Atwooooood. Thanks for coming back and letting us know your status.
    It seems that you might find solution for your problem. Now moderator can mark this thread as solved. (y)

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