Sli...... Or Crossfire???

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May 1, 2007
  1. When I bought all the stuff to create a crossfire machine.. I it would be a sinch...

    So far I am fairly disapointed....

    I installed all the hardware and connected the crossfire bridge interconnecters. on dual X1950Pro's on my MSI K9A platnum and I have had nothing but problems...

    It tells me that my bridge interconnecter are not installed correctly, and I have tried every combination to connect them. and I havent read anything about compatability. whether my cards are compatable with my MSI K9A platnum crossfire edition.

    it talks about a Crossfire Edition card and a crossfire ready card and external connecters.. nothing about internal connecters.

    should I returne my crossfire motherboard and video cards and go with Nvidia Sli cards and an SLI motherboard..

    can any one give me a hand with this?
  2. LinkedKube

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    I was running crossfire with my am2 set up last year, had problems, we are all trouble free with sli here, that's my recommendation.
  3. chuck4456

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    niether......... you don't need SLI or CROSSFIRE with what today's video cards are offering. You'll never see that much of a performance or visual boost with dual cards. Now, if you've just got money to burn, go ahead and buy two cards. If you are having problems running CROSSFIRE, check to see if your board manufacturer may have a BIOS update that may address that problem. Be sure that your video cards are exactly compatable, and check for driver updates for them as well. It is my understanding that the X1950 PRO is supposed to be (basically) just plug and play CF.
  4. raybay

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    No problems ever with Crossfire here.
  5. Barnezz

    Barnezz TS Rookie Posts: 27

    I would personally get a GeForce 8800 and not bother with Xfire or SLi. I guess if you wanted to have two video cards running at the same time, use SLi, except I guess you would need a new motherboard.
  6. LinkedKube

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    if you're going to run sli w/ g80 get the gts oc, benchmarks show they are faster than sli gtx, not sure why, bottleneck problem maybe.
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