Slow file transfer between Hard Drives

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Hi, I installed a second drive into my PC yesterday. The drive shows up in both device manager and My computer. There seems to be a problem when i try to transfer files to it. If i copy a small file such as a photo it is slow but the file will copy across. Any file bigger will cause my PC to hang and i am forced to reboot.

Can anyone suggets what could be causing this?

I have checked in Device Manager and under the Primary IDE Channel Properties on the Advance Settings and it shows 'Device's Current Trasfer Mode: Not Applicable'.

My drives are Maxtor DiamondMax + 10 160GB S150 and my new drive is Maxtor DiamondMax10 200GB S300.

Any suggestions would be greatly recieved :D


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Which OS are you using?

That shouldn't matter changing the IDE channel, I have it setup like the user the files move. I think its something else going on...

do this:

click on start
click on run
type: compmgmt.msc
scroll down the list to storage
click on disk management

Does the disk mangement see both drives and are they setup as BASIC?

Have you ever tweak the file system or turned on the L2 cache feature? See below:


Download here: Free program
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