Slow Windows Startup

By wasabisan
Mar 24, 2007
  1. I've tried almost every kind of way to try and fix this problem.
    Ok...I reinstalled, deleted the partition created a new one and installed windows on it. The ONLY time it doesn't freeze on startup is the first time, and then the 2nd restart comes and my computer SLOWWWWS DOWN.LIKE REALLY SLOW NOTHING IS HAPPENING>< I waited 30 minutes and it still hasn't loaded. Whats the problem >< msconfig doesn't work. since i have no programs on it except a nvidia driver and Lineage 2. Plz help !!
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,170   +989

    can't find the MS KB article just now but IF you have print/file sharing
    then here's the fix:
    1. first turn OFF print file/sharing
    2. reboot the system
    3. now reenable print/file sharing
    4. and reboot again
    There's a bad entry in the registry which causes XP to wait for a MAPPED drive
    and the sequence above clears it.
  3. wasabisan

    wasabisan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    possible to turn it off in safemode? cuz i can't get into my computer using the normal way only safemode.

    EDIT* how do u turn it off? where is it? control panel? cuz i only see printers and faxes. :O

    EDIT* i think i found the problem, it was my video card driver problem. I uninstalled it and it worked since it was the only thing i installed besides a game and Opera browser. :D tho i'm still open to suggestions, iono if it works or not but i'm trying to download a diff driver for it. Thanks!
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