Snapchat update grants the ability to replay snaps and add filters

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Snapchat recently added several new features that help the service better compete with other popular platforms. Among the new features is the ability to replay snaps and add photo filters, or as CEO Evan Spiegel described them, nice little gifts as we head into the holiday period.

The Replay feature allows users to replay one snap per day regardless of if it is a picture or a video. We are told that only the most recent image or video in your stream can be replayed and it can only be done once a day for a total of twice ever. Interestingly enough, the feature is opt-in by the recipient only, not the sender.

Spiegel said many people were partially missing messages from friends so they wanted to give people a chance to “jump back” in time, so to speak. This seemingly goes against the entire principal of “see it once then it’s gone forever,” but I digress.

As for filters, users can select between an array of basic filters and even “smart filters.” The latter can include information like the current time, temperature and even your speed (this sounds a bit dangerous).

Elsewhere, Snapchat also received another font option for those that like to add captions to their snaps. There’s also a front-facing flash (the screen turns white to help illuminate your face during selfies) and the ability to select up to seven people you wish to appear in your “best friends” menu.

The update is available as of writing, you can download it here.

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