Social media strategy at the point of a gun

By Archean
Apr 8, 2011
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  1. Larry Page to Google staff: Your bonus is tied to Facebook envy

    Larry Page has worked out who at Google is responsible for its long string of failures in the social media space: everybody. Page is tying a proverbial lamb chop around the neck of its new social thingy, "Google +1", in the hope that the dogs will pay it some attention.

    According to Business Insider, Chocolate Factory boss Larry Page has made 25 per cent of staff bonuses contingent on social media success in 2011. The company-wide memo was sent on Friday.

    Employees – including those with no involvement in the company’s social media products – must test them and provide feedback, the memo reportedly said.

    Such desperation ............. but I think he clearly sees that facebook (no matter how despicable the thought is) is a real threat to Google's long term future in some ways.

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