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Jul 23, 2007
  1. Howdy. I am a soldier in Afghanistan and I am having major computer problems.

    I have an Acer Aspire 5000 with an AMD Turion 64 running Windows XP.

    I was having a STOP: 0x0000007E message that would happen infrequently, but started happening more often when I converted my .wma files to .aac files into iTunes (it happened everytime I did several conversions at a time into iTunes).

    I tried a few things to repair it. Now my computer starts up extremely slower than normal and after it has started up, it crashes with a new error -- STOP: 0x000000D5. It saws the culprit is an int15 sys file in my ACER recovery folder. I've checked that folder and found the only version of it I've loaded during all this and I've deleted it. But it's still starting up slowly and locking up.

    It's not like I can run my computer over to Circuit City and have then repair it. I'm stuck. My computer is my lifeline to home as well as my blog.

    Please help!
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    The first error is a sign of having incompatible or faulty hardware. The second one is usually related to memory failure, if I remember correctly. So your laptop's RAM has probably gone bad. I may be wrong though, so wait for others' opinions to flood in.
  3. CPT_Chicken

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    More info

    Here's some more info that might help determine the cause.

    I get the blue screen with the following error message related to the int15.sys:

    "The driver is attempting to access memory after it has been freed."

    Then later it says:

    "STOP: 0x000000D5 (0x92A80F80, 0x00000000, 0xF09FB537, 0x00000000)

    int15.sys address F09FB537 at F09FB000"

    Any guesses?
  4. thatman

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    STOP 0x0000007e


    This patch for Windows XP fixes a bug in Windows XP that can cause a STOP 0x0000007E error in aec.sys (also called the 0x7E stop error).

    The full message may read 'STOP 0x0000007e (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4) aec.sys'.

    The parameter values can vary between systems and may look like, for example, 0xC0000005, 0x00000000, 0xF8954384, 0xF8954080.

    Down load the patch from Microsoft should fix the problem.
    It,s a timing error in the aec.sys file that causes the crash.

    Stop Error 0x000000D5
    Take a look at the following link.

    Hope this helps you
  5. CPT_Chicken

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    The patch worked on the first problem. Much thanks.

    However, the second problem is still there. I recently uninstalled all my Nero programs and used the scrub tool to make sure the uninstall was clean.

    I finally heard back from Acer. Here is what they said:

    Thank you for contacting Acer America. I apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. The int15.sys file is part of the Acer eRecovery program. Are you using Windows Defender on your computer? If so there has been an update to it recently that has made the Defender want to block this file. I suggest you set this file to Ignore in Defender. Please do not delete the int15.sys file as it is vital for the use of the eRecovery program and all of its functions.

    Have you looked in the event viewer to see if there are any system messages that would give a little more information?

    If this is a recent occurrence, then the System Restore may be able to resolve the problem. System Restore rolls the system back to the last known working configuration without erasing data. System Restore is located in Accessories. I am including a link to Microsoft's site that explains how to use this tool, how it works, and how to undo a system restore. Please note that this will work only if a starting point was created.;en-us;306084

    If System Restore does not resolve the issue, we recommend backing up your important data if possible then using the recovery CD's, restore to factory configurations choosing the full hard drive recovery.

    Do you have all of the CD's you need to reinstall the programs you use on this system?

    Acer Online Support Team

    As I told them, I am not using Windows Defender. The system restore is not giving me a date to go back to. And I'm in Afghanistan, so, no, I do not have my recovery CDs with me. I don't even know where to tell my wife to look for them.

    I have backed up my hard drive onto an external hard drive. I do have XP Pro that I could install if that would fix the problem. Should I try that?
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    I second Rage_3K_Moiz as everything you describe sounds like you likely have a memory issue as part of the problem. The best memory prices today are,, and

    Download and run Memtest86 even if you have to use a friend's computer to do it, then run it four hours of 7 passes, whiche ever takes longer.

    Still, you may have an infestion as the signs and symptoms are similar. Take a look at the suggestions on this forum for removing and repairing infestations.
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