Solution to page fault in non paged area

By pawz
Feb 11, 2005
  1. hello folks I came on here yesterday ( I think) to seek help because I was getting this stop message even after I had taken all relevant software and the av off ( XP Pro ).

    Well, I finally solved it and for some of you it might be the answer too - and if you get 'invalid page fault' in Win 98, maybe that will also be the same circumstance.


    we all have 'em

    there were eight on the problem computer, and five were of one version, and three of another...

    that is what was causing the problem.

    Solution - get the version of the mfc42.dll which is in System32 (XP and 2000 or System in Win 9x I think) and then copy that version into all the locations where the other version dll is found - apparently you can leave the one which is in the old service pack in upgraded XP machines, but I didn't do that. Make sure you rename or delete the old mfc42's.

    If you find the one in the system folder is the older then maybe you could swap that for the newer version from safe mode - don't know - but the point is, there shouldn't be mixed versions on the system

    I found them all by doing a search and then going to source by the menu when it wasn't clear where they were located when in hidden folders.

    It all worked a treat and has solved the problem completely.
  2. genericuser100

    genericuser100 Banned Posts: 17

    I hope this is the final solution...tx
  3. nsantos

    nsantos TS Rookie

    Hi pawz,

    First of all, congratulations.

    You did that because your page_fault_in_nonpaged_area was pointing to mfc42.dll, right ?
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