Some PS5 games get stuck during download requiring a factory reset

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Facepalm: I have a policy when it comes to electronics: Never be the first to own. It seems there are always a few bugs that need ironing out after a few million people have tested the device. Sony is in a terrible pickle with a severe launch day bug that has users factory resetting their consoles and wiping their drives.

Less than a day after launch, PlayStation 5 owners are already reporting a console-breaking bug. Glitches and quirks are not uncommon problems for early adopters, but this one is incredibly annoying and troublesome because a factory reset seems to be the only fix for it.

The problem occurs when a user tries to download certain games or apps. Instead of starting the download as normal, the PS5 will do one of two things. Either it will present a "Queued for download" message without starting the download process, or it will show an error message.

In both instances, it will prompt the user to check the Downloads queue, but nothing will be there. Since the download menu is where you go to cancel a download, the bug essentially puts the game in a state of limbo. Users cannot select it to be downloaded because the PS5 thinks it's already in the queue, and they cannot cancel the download because it does not appear in the queue.

Another weird quirk about the bug is that the game or app in question becomes both purchased and unpurchased simultaneously. Looking into the PS5 library will show the game as owned, but in the PlayStation Store, it's listed as unowned.

IGN notes that a large number of reports, including some of its staff, have discovered the bug when trying to download the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (PS4 version downloads fine). Other software users have reported the bug showing up for Demon's Souls, Spider-Man: Remastered, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and the Disney+ app.

As for CoD, Activision support suggests performing a factory reset on the console, and this seems to work. So it may work on other titles as well. The one caveat (and it is a major one) is that a factory reset wipes all settings and any games stored on the drive. Obviously, it's not an ideal solution by any stretch of the imagination. However, for now, it is the only known workaround.

Sony has not responded to requests for comment.

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It's quite normal for a new hardware, price for being early adopter. At least it wasn't smoking:)
Btw first smoking video was real. This guy have lengthy interview to some polish YouTubers with solid details.
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That‘s the video where the XBox is vaping though, isn‘t it ?
No... Just press play. It is 20 minutes interview done by polish vlogger with this guy. Already know that ms is swapping his console with new one. Probably vapor chamber failure.


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I don't know why people just can't wait. They just have to get something on the first day of release. Many "pre-order" - a term that was alien in tech-world until recently. Also they stand in queue to get them on the first day. Some even camp overnight outside the shops.

Whatever happened to human common sense and wisdom? People have become obsessed with worldy items. Greed overcame self-control and rationale.

Early adopters pay the price. Both monetarily and for the early glitches. Granted, over time, these glitches will be corrected, but they still overpay for everything.

Unless, a corporate can bring on solid performance and guarantee of 100% functional product on release, there's no point jumping immediately to an unknown hole.

As for me, I'll continue with my PS4 Pro, until maybe 1 or 2 years later, when PS5 price would have come down and all major flaws rectified and polished shine. And by that time, maybe will get a "slim" version, if available.

Yeah, I got my PS4 Pro after few years of release too. Besides, I also have PC games to finish too. Mostly from sales and free games from Epic and others.


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I would argue that buying an Xbox Series X/S or PS5 on launch doesn't make you an early adopter, especially when it comes to the specific issue of downloading games. This isn't a situation where a console is having to handle the installation of software via web for the first time ever. And given that this is a feature that's fundamentally required to work properly for the likes of the PS5 Digital Edition, this is a remarkable lapse in software quality control by Sony.
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Nevermind the bug for a moment: people will need to factory reset their consoles for other reasons in the future. I hope Sony provides a way to create and use offline backups of game files so that anyone on a metered connection can get their games back - especially in the case of the consoles that don't have optical drives.