Sony PlayStation Network logins exploited again

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May 18, 2011
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  1. Update: Sony has fixed the flaw. "We temporarily took down the PSN and Qriocity password reset page," a Sony spokesperson said in a statement. "Contrary to some reports, there was…

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  2. St1ckM4n

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  3. bielius

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    HAHAHAHA! lol'd So badly!! I expected that after a week or so, but i was wrong:DDDDD
  4. insect

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  5. TomSEA

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    One step forward, three steps backward. Unbelievable...
  6. Proofix

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  7. Cueto_99

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    Sony hasn't understood that it is not a security problem they have... its' a philosophy problem... many more companies probably have worst security holes than Sony, but because of Sony's stubborn stance against the community and "piracy", look at the mess they've got themselves into... I say, this won't be solved with more security measures, those will always be breach... this will be solved when they realized the PS3 owner is its buyer....
  8. Keep attacking them! We can get rid of this dirty company once and for all.

    I can't wait to see this quarter's losses BWAHAHAHHA
  9. trparky

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    I can't help but to be laughing about this. Who do they have working at Sony as system developers? Whoever they are, they need to be fired... yesterday.

    This is the beginning of the end for the PlayStation gaming console.
  10. Reading the headline made my laugh out loud. HAHAHA
  11. I hear Sony are doing it for the lulz
  12. yeah its not about security and seems that hacking them over and over its an sport like with other organizations (FBI, NASA) so...until they dont stop their greedy actions i think this wont end...just imagine that? this is gonna be Fun cuz we are in the middle of a digital revolution.
  13. yowanvista

    yowanvista TS Enthusiast Posts: 82

    Sony asked for it, now they got it...
  14. gwailo247

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    This probably illustrates the problems of being a large corporation.

    I would not be surprised that like with many tech gaffes of recent years that some low level hands on person brought this to the attention of their boss, but at some point it reached the level of someone with more worry about bringing the system back online than technical knowledge who ignored it and gave the green light.

    It could be that they hired complete incompetents, but I'm willing to bet that this whole debacle came out as a result of business vs technology battles within Sony, with business considerations coming first. They probably read headlines that a few crackheads who cannot live without COD for 24 hours went to buy an XBOX to get their fix in, and translate that to everyone is going to trade in their console and games (at a huge loss), so they decided to put PSN back online, ready or not.
  15. Really the end of the PS3 ?

    I have a PS3, Xbox360, Wii, and PC.

    Now I would probably only use my pc if I could get console games on the PC that werent shoddy ports and had full support to use the controller of my choice, PS3 or Xbox. It would be decided by the game or genre probably. But unfortunately this is not the case.

    But when it comes to Consoles, the PS3 has always been in my eyes the better and clear winner.
    The Xbox was underspecced it wasnt next gen, it was an xbox with a few upgrades. I cant say the PS3 is exactly next gen either but it was miles ahead of the xbox.
    But it was too expensive ? Really? STFU!? M$ made a box of crap that broke down time and time again, and to prove how dumb its customers were, many bought replacements, I read of one guy buying his 7th... a fool and his money ...
    Not only was it rubbish wrapped in crap plastic, but if you wanted rechargable pads, and HD movies... you paid out. £150 for the UK external HDDVD player. A rip off, in rip off Britain. To make it as good as the PS3 you paid at least the same if not more.
    But HALO 3. HALO REACH. GEARS OF SNORE. Got them and they aint that fab. Halo 1 is still the best. HD that badboy for me kthx!
    They do that these days HD old classics to make new money outta old tat. Wouldnt Halo 1 be worth seeing all sauced up ?

    Back to topic... So Geohot wanted his Linux back. Fair Enough. The hack...well if youre going to leave ya pants down and bend over, ya gonna get shafted by some opportunist with an evil lust. But do I care as a PS3 owner ? Not really. Google has many peoples data, and cloud servers are all gonna come out and everyone will soon be in the same boat screaming at another company for having been exploited and leaked data all over the floor and on ya brand new birkenstocks. Rugmunchers. You fix one hole in Windows you make 3 more, same for any system it seems.

    Seems to me their are too many Fat cry babies out there uncapable of kicking a ball, taking a bike ride. If you cant live without online gaming (and their are single player options in the menu boys and girls), then you need some help. Especially those who apparently traded in for the xbox.

    Bob Dylan The Beatles .... Hippies. There were movements against the system before. Greater causes mind. Nothing so petty as "I gots no Linux option, but im uber 1337". Kids should be taught English again and shot in the face for using crap speak in schools / public. What am I thinking. All these fat whiners dont go out in public. Right ?

    Sony don't really deserve this over their complaints of piracy. They are meant to ***** about piracy. TOMSEA will tell you how piracy is evil. Not how for decades companies like Sony have always moaned that each new data storage medium is all about piracy and must be stopped. Yet they then embrace it, and make a fudge load of money out of its customers. And digital data is no different. Maybe its because the net is global, and with sonys track record of things on the net, they have realised that digital piracy is out of their control and they dont see how to embrace this one to make bank. Which they have already. Divx players, MP3 players. And these things changed how we buy music, that one good song instead of an album where the rest sucks. This is progress, progression, evolving, adapting.

    Sony will sort this out, they will adapt and survive or, make the same mistakes again til they are crushed. But quite frankly this whole thing is one media farce that with time will be forgotten. Its not Pearl Harbour or Hiroshima, or Jurrasic Park. Return to your simple lives, just forget this ever happened. Forget, fooorrrget.
  16. As in many fields this type of shyte happens when the people making the decisions are so far removed from the process and actual knowledge of the "business" that they are in.
  17. Nice peak into their new security setup. [sarcasm]Looks like it was money well spent.[/sarcasm]
  18. Cool! More free stuff!!!
  19. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,959   +217

    Hahahaha, Sony
    -You never cease to amaze me!
    I literally laughed out load, that's not so common for me personally :D
  20. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,073   +219

    Though sony should not have antagonized the hackers, they still shouldn't be punished for there views. Really if you don't like there policies don't buy there product. And that geohot guy was in it for the glory I don't get why anyone is defending him, he could have easily released the codes without putting himself in the spotlight.

    I know corporations have lobbyist to get there way, but isn't this sinking to there level? The truth is most people don't care about Sony's product policy, interpretation or execution of the law. These hackers are not representing the people but a small minority of extremists.

    I admired these hackers at first but forcing there ideas on other is exactly what sony was doing with there policy. However sony clearly states what you can and can't do. These hackers randomly lash out on a whim. Again no one is forcing you to buy sonys ps3.
  21. Klaus K

    Klaus K TS Rookie

    Probably hackers have installed a nasty trojan on Sony's computers something very powerful like Stuxnet was and Sony can't find it, they really get into trouble with this one as it seems.
  22. Poor Sony! Is this the beginning of the ending?
  23. Cota

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    I doubt they had to do that, they may just had been googling "hack SONY PSN" and the result gives a direct link to SONY PSN servers xD
  24. @treetops:'re

    They're going to be there and they're coming in their car.
  25. @ Guest 2:16PM

    Dude, chill, you can't deny that the PSN has lost an awful lot of face because of these attacks.

    You also shouldn't bastardise 'Gears of Snore' in defence of a console who's prime shooter exculsive is the appalling Killzone, each iteration of which have been aged and creaky before they came out. I'm not arguing PS3 has worse games, simply that a PS3 cannot claim the exclusive-shooter high-ground.

    The inevitable breaking XBox is BS as well: I and a friend both bought day1 360s. No RROD in 10 combined years of use.

    You also shouldn't claim that the 360 was not nexgen over an XB1: three times as many cores running six times as many threads, across the board more powerful GPU, more/faster V/RAM, better ergonomically etc.
    The same goes for PS3, a seven core beast with plenty of power, though aesthetics and ergonomics left a fair bit to be desired at launch - I've never been able to properly grip PS controllers, too small and light, N64 FTW

    Both consoles were definatively Next Generation upon release and as far as PS3 being a clear winner, I thought so too at the time, but time has shown neither can really take the lead GFX wise since both are VRAM limited to exactly the same extent.

    Also don't talk about the HD-DVD, it's history now, just be glad that this time Betamax won

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