Sony Vaio will not display on my Samsung

By babalon
Feb 18, 2008
  1. Hi my Sony Viao will not display on my Samsung LE40M87BD TV.
    It is not a straight forward problem. The TV will recognize my Mac mini on a VGA lead and then if I unplug the VGA lead and plug it in to my laptop the desktop extension will appear on the TV. Fine but if I change the source on the TV and come back to the PC port it is blank on the TV, well on the Samsung if it dose not see a input it dose not give you the option to display this input. I have checked my Sony and updated it as much as I can but it is not sending a signal to the TV to say here I am. My Nvida graphics card can see the TV but I am stuck any ideas would be grateful.
  2. sandman001

    sandman001 TS Rookie

    another one bites the dust

    Nothing you can do!

    I had the same problem with my Samsung HDTV connecting to sony viao.

    I called Samsung, they said it was a firmware issue. Anyway, we tried a couple different things and nothing. Call sony he says.

    Sony first of all charges by the way in case you didnt know. For an hour we tried all kinds of different things even tried that firmware and nothing. he says call samsung they may be able to help.

    HA. yeah right. you see where this going.

    P.S. If Samsung doesnt play well with others then why do i have to pay the price.
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