Sony XBR3 LCD TV: PC to TV troubleshoot

By Dookert
Nov 2, 2009
  1. Hey all,

    Im borrowing a friends computer that he doesnt use and connected to my Sony XBR3 46in LCD. Great TV and usually I dont have any problems with display issues but a strange quirk has been comming up. First I'll give ya some stats.

    Its a Gateway FX6000( for a factory computer, the thing flies..very fast machine)

    Specs here...well I guess since I dont have enough posts i cant post a link. just check out gateways site. Im not writing all that crap down.

    Graphics card is the Radeon 4850.

    Video output is DVI-HDMI

    This is the issue. After say...several hours, If I'm watching TV and then switch inputs to browse on the computer, the screen is black, the XBR labels the input as video 8 (aka there is no signal comming from the machine)

    Even if I rouse it with a flick of the mouse, hear the computer wake up over the speakers, the machine still wont output a signal. Now Ive also turned off all power saving options and left the computer totally on...same thing happens.

    There is a quick but annoying fix for this. I have to get up off my lazy ***, and go unplug my DVI-HDMI cord out and back into the pc. Screen comes on and everythings hunky dory. Restarting the machine also works. The computer also recognizes that somethings been unplugged even though no signal was being sent to it.

    I recently switched to Windows 7 over the monstrosity that was VISTA. on vista turning the tv off completely and then on again fixed this problem too..which was better cause I didnt have to get up.

    So far I dont believe the XBR3 allows manual resolution changes. by this I was figuring that maybe since my cable provider COX, outputs HD in 720P that the TV was on 1080P so that was screwing it up, but no dice cause the XBR has been swapping out resolutions accordingly. switching from 720 when watching say ESPN, to 1080 when I input to the TV. Its only after several hours that this happens

    Any ideas?
  2. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    I think it's an HDMI sync'ing issue - has nothing to do with your other devices you have hooked up to your TV. I believe I read somewhere that several people have this problem (not just with that set) and it can possibly be the video card or the drivers. Changing resolutions is not an issue for your XBR.
  3. Dookert

    Dookert TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Whelp. It appears that the thing is behaving itself now. Since I clean installed Windows 7 I had to re download the Radeon drivers. However these same exact drivers were installed on vista and the problem persisted. when I installed 7 it started doing it again, but I reinstalled drivers and its been fine since I posted this. Thanks for being the only person to help!
  4. Dookert

    Dookert TS Rookie Topic Starter

    messed up a post. see above
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