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Jan 1, 2008
  1. I was playing music in my media player on Windows Xp. After playing songs for about 1 hour. Media player froze up, I could not shut down the computer, so I pressed the power off button. When it restarted, the computer said like Booting Windows Xp, and a error message, I installed the Windows Xp Cd and it would not install. I bought a new hard drive and installed windows xp. When I go to the media player it says can not find new hardware or hardware is not installed right. The Error Code it gives me is =0x80040256 Remedy ID= 0x00000000. The motherboard I have the sound card is built into it. Did a driver go out? The speakers I was using was Sound Blaster speakers, but there is not a sound blaster card in computer. I had the Sound blaster speakers for a long time before I even got this computer I am using now.

    Thanks, Jason
  2. Eddy Rassy

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    Your motherboard CD must have the audio drivers in it. Re-install the drivers. If you do not have the board CD find out who makes it and which board it is and download the drivers from the manufacturer website
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    lot of newbies around these days
    try belarc advisor will help find hardware drivers
    searching here will work lots faster for normal computer problems

    Welcome to Techspot
    Happy 2008
  4. kimsland

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    jrou24 can you please post your system specs
    32 Bit or 64 bit
    Sound card manufacturer (if its not onboard)

    This information will allow us to post you the link directly to the manufactures website support driver download page
  5. jrou24

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    I am getting pop ups from explorer, like a e-bay site will pop up, dating site, or whatever pops up for no reason, this happen when I am just using mozilla firefox. Firefox, I have no problems at all. I have the pop up blocker blocked and I turned my security settings on explorer to hight. Why am I getting these websites popping up. Is there a was to fix it?


  6. kimsland

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    Moved from a Sound problem to a adware problem. !

    jrou24 we are in the TechSpot OpenBoards > Hardware & Tweaking > Audio and Video forum
    Your question regarding popups and Internet Explorer (?) must be posted as a new thread in "Security and the Web"

    But ideally you should post all System Specs in your User Profile.

    Plus it would be nice to know, what happened with your sound issue
    Remember support members here are voluntary, giving their time for helping you.

    Just my thoughts.
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