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Sep 9, 2008
  1. Hi.
    Just signed up hoping someone could give me some advice.
    First of all here is a brief info of my system
    gigabyte EP35-DS3R
    Vista home premium 64bit.

    This is the symptom
    Every once in a while, no matter what I do(gaming, listening music, wathing movie, etc.), the sound starts to repeat itself over and over. Also the system tends to respond little bit slower when this happens. Once this happens it persists until I restart the system.

    I tried bios flashing, updating drivers(sound, inf, video, tell me), but the problem still there.
    I constantly keep my eye on the temps so I know it doesn't have anything to do with overheating.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    Do you have a sound card? If you do, it could be bad. This is a strange problem. Is your system new? Did you assemble it? If you have on board sound: that would possibly be a motherboard problem. Did this start happening right after you downloaded any applications? Have you looked at "event viewer" just after an incident to I.D. any problems. Have you used your Vista X64 installation disc and 'recovery console' ? Run a systems file check. (sfc scannow) Just some questions to consider. Good Luck.
  3. X DarthMonkey X

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    That board has onboard sound, and because you didn't mention any third-party soundcards, I'll assume you are using the onboard.

    Having flashed the BIOS and reinstalled drivers, there are two specific troubleshooting steps I can recommend; re-image your hard drive (format, reinstall Windows) and if that doesn't work, install a PCI/PCIe soundcard (Just get a super-cheap one if you just want to test). If your problem persists then there may be a deeper motherboard, CPU or RAM problem.

    Remember, re-imaging is usually a last resort solution because of the effort and risk involved. I would first troubleshoot the hardware (get a third-party card). If that doesn't fix it, back up your stuff and reinstall Windows.
  4. Zsj

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    Hi, i had a problem similar to yours, when ever i tried to use my mic there would be this huge echo effect, and everybody who listened to me heard this strange repeating sound that got louder and louder.

    my solution to this problem was system restoring, i didn't find what the problem was specifically but i do think it had to do with a sound issue in sound property's.

    Hope that Help's,

  5. ineaki04

    ineaki04 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for suggestions.
    I built this a month ago, and this thing has been there eversince I booted the system for the first time...
    I'm not really familiar with recovery console and system file check thing, can you clarify them little more?

    Yes I'm using the onboard one. I think I'll just reinstall windows and see if it fixes it.
    If worst, extra soundcard won't hurt :)

    Glad you could fix it, but system restoring won't do much for me; this thing even appeared right after my first bootup.
  6. Zsj

    Zsj TS Rookie Posts: 84

    Hmm... might be a Vista thing, I was considering upgrading to Vista Ultimate, but I am really quite happy with XP Pro SP2.

    The only other thing I could Imagine is that maybe a setting in the audio Property is messed up.
    I don't know about Vista, but try Right clicking the speaker (Volume Control) and see what you can do in there, could be that your mic is set on relay???

    Or maybe your mic is on mute??
    Some very strange things can happen if your mic is on mute while a setting in Sound Property's is unchecked or checked.

    Happend to me once.

    Best of Luck,

  7. gcurado

    gcurado TS Rookie


    Don't know if you manage to solve the problem, but since I have (had) a similar problem let me post my solution to it so others might use apply it if they want.

    In my case the problem is definitely in the motherboard, coz I reinstalled XP and didn't solve it.

    In the Volume Control menu I muted the PC Speaker so the annoying sound could stop. Don't know why this happen to be honest, except the part of where is it.. but since its "solved" its ok for me.

    Hope it helped anyone,

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