SoundBlaster Audigy2 & SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS

By wardj
Nov 17, 2003
  1. I have a SoundBlaster Audigy2 and really want the graphic EQ to work. I see it under the tools with Creative MediaSource but the option is grayed out. I mean what's the since of having the EAX Advanced Console if you can't use it with your graphic EQ. This ability is in most every other player I have that give you environment variables like rock and metal along added environments "ie" concert hall and coliseum. I know that Creative has done this nasty trick for the benefit of the Audigy2 ZS line but I'm betting there is a way to enable it for the plain old Audigy2. DTS would be nice too but the EQ would make my day.

    Before your tempted to put toung in cheek and raise an eyebrow, I know any EQ will work but stop right there. My request comes from the desire to implement customized environment variables that have a seamless cross-over within the EAX Advanced Console and the Graphic EQ. Lots of potential here and that's why Creative threw the peanut to Audigy2 ZS.

    I have been all over the sites for the last couple of days for a fix- patch -- something---but it seems nothing is out yet. I have located the option to enable it here >C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy2\Program\WDM\COMMON\CtPanel.exe ... But it does not stick.

    Anyway if any body has an Idea it would be appreseated.

    Sorry about the long wind :rolleyes:
  2. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    You should try checking over on somebody over there I recall at least figured out how to get DTS decoding woreking anyway.
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