SoundMax Question

By Zoobot
Mar 25, 2007
  1. My friend has a SoundMax soundcard, and he is trying to listen to records through his computer. With his old PC, he could do this by connecting his record player into the mic input. But with the new PC, he can't get any sound through any of the input jacks.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. chamillitarysk8

    chamillitarysk8 TS Booster Posts: 128

    go to audio options and increase the mic volume
  3. Ruben

    Ruben TS Rookie Posts: 100

    turntables do not output line level signal only a lower signal that needs some pre-amplification. I am kind of surprised it worked when connected to the mic input because turntable and mic have quite different impedances...
    Turntable preamp costs about $50 I believe
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