Sound's fine w/ headphones but not over reg speakers

By cjsterritt
Feb 9, 2007
  1. I get sound over the headphones no problem when listening to computer files using Windows Media

    But if I want to share what i am listening to, say a radio broadcast, over the internal speakers, the file plays but no sound comes out.

    The speakers have not been muted, and are set at a mid volume level

    it has been this way three weeks now. About three weeks before this happened, I could not get my RealPlayer music files to play.

    I wonder if there is something about my computer choosing a default (or maybe I chose one) What would be ideal for me is if this computer would let me alternate between programs - but it seems to prefer that I use one system or another (My old Windows '95 always let me alternate - I could use Windows Media for a half hour, the RealPlaye, then PlayJ.)

    Any help appreciated

    Sony Vaio, Windows XP, Home Edition
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