Speaker problems

By tbowman
Jun 14, 2007
  1. My friend's computer crashed and is now working, but the speakers are no longer working. I thought they were unplugged, but they are plugged in and plugged into the computer. I thought someone might have messed with the volume controls, but when I went on the sound and audio devices control panel, it says there is none.
  2. red-vex

    red-vex TS Rookie

    So I assume you are aware it's not a power problem (i.e. the speakers don't even turn on); if you are not you can verify that by a led which almost every speaker has or by plugging them in a portable music player device or external cd player. If that is the case, from what I read next looks like the audio card must've been damaged either hardware or software side. You can try to:
    -Turn off pc and unplug power supply for your safety, then move the sound card to another slot, give power to the thing and find out if that worked.
    -Download drivers for the card and install them, see if that helps.

    Even if i doubt sol. n°2 will work, begin w that and if it fails try n°2. I guess if none works the crash might have permanently damaged your friend's comp.
  3. tbowman

    tbowman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, the type of computer he has has the sound card built onto the motherboard.
  4. red-vex

    red-vex TS Rookie

    In this case perhaps the crash, especially if power-related, might have set your bios settings by default or changed them (even if it sounds weird). Try peeking into your friend's BIOS, you can get into it by pressing canc(del) or F1 or F2 depending on the mobo directly after you boot the pc at the P.O.S.T. screen. See there if there's some wrong setting for the card or alternatively look in windows device panel and find out if the card shows up correctly.
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