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Spectrum is no longer allowed to operate in New York, must pay fines and pack its bags

By William Gayde · 49 replies
Jul 29, 2018
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  1. bobc4012

    bobc4012 TS Booster Posts: 99   +41

    There is no contract with the customer like ATT. They don't throttle like a lot of other ISPs, but you may not get 90% of advertised speed due to the number of people using cable and internet. Cable Broadband is affected by the number of users on-line at the same time in your neighborhood (or area). Whereas DSL gets slower the further you are from the "Office" (not the building, but a distribution point).
    Spectrum's biggest problem is trying to integrate TWC, Charter, Brighthouse, etc. into one cohesive unit. I also found that depending on which former ISP you had, will also dictate what speed you get. They are now advertising 200Mbps (up from 100Mbps). I was a TWC customer and was getting 50Mbps prior to the merger and still get the same speed even though my price for TV and internet went up another $20/mo (my actual speed was 32Mbps). When I talked with the CSRs at the Spectrum site, they told me if I want 100Mbps, I would have to pay more as the speed increase was given only to former Charter subscribers.
    I live in a major city and the only two providers are Spectrum and ATT (Google stopped its expansion where I live). There are others, but there speeds are slower than ATT (their fiber is not available everywhere).
    The Spectrum app also leaves a lot to be desired. I had few problems with the old TWC app on both the Roku and the Samsung TV. The Spectrum app pauses and clocks in the middle of a show multiple times, even though the speed is in the 20+ Mbps. It also throws a lot of error codes and if you have a Roku Express hooked up to a PVR to record one show while watching another, it pauses with a message "Do you want to continue watching" and then times out after a bit. They claim it is to free up contention when you aren't watching, which makes some sense, but I suspect it is to get people to rent their DVR.
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  2. bobc4012

    bobc4012 TS Booster Posts: 99   +41

    Those businesses "support" the BBB (they pay fees) and its not going to bite the hand that feeds it. I just checked out one company hat the BBB gave an A+ rating and that company had tons of bad reviews on various "review" sites (except its own, of course). On the BBB site there were 2 reviews, one good and one bad.
  3. Parcher2002

    Parcher2002 TS Rookie

    The only reason they are acting is because it's election times. I have complained to both the psc and attorney general only to be told they can't do nothing about enforcing spectrum. More that electrons are coming up they suddenly care about the people. This is the problem with the state. They only care to take actions around election time any other time the people don't matter. At least the last time I spoke with spectrum they were going to ve building lines on my street sometime in the future, now the possibility of getting high speed at my house may be out. Gotta love coumo's regime only working for the people when elections are coming up.
  4. roberthi

    roberthi TS Addict Posts: 347   +96

    Any time I had to deal with Charter, Time Warner, etc. they always blame it on the house or your equipment. Your network card won't just throttle you down to 3Mbps from 100. Yes, there are things that a card can cause slow-downs on, but it's usually network collisions or general lag and simply rebooting your router and modem and then doing this can help (assuming you're on a PC):

    Press the Windows key -> Type cmd (just right click on "Command Prompt" and choose 'Run as administrator'

    The command prompt window (black background, white text) comes up. Type:

    ipconfig /release and Press Enter <- This releases the address given to your card by your router.
    ipconfig /renew and Press Enter <- This gets a address given to your card by your router.
    ipconfig /flushdns and Press Enter <- This clears the DNS cache, which basically "cleans" your connection from the card to your router.

    Reboot your computer.

    If you don't know how to reboot your router or modem (and they may be the same piece of equipment), just unplug it for about 30 seconds and then plug it in. It may seem unnecessary to wait, but that helps to clear out any residual electricity in the device while it's unplugged that help to store settings or cache. It also ensures your provider cannot see that device long enough for it to formally "come off" the network. Plugging it back in after that should get things going again with more fluidity/speed. If you're still having issues, it's definitely not your card. I hate hearing people having to waste money on easy stuff like this.
  5. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,427   +1,824

    Sounds like typical TW/Spectrump/Swamp Thing drivel. I had TW try to blame e-mail problems on my home network - when I know that they had an internal trouble ticket open on the issue.

    I agree, good riddance to them; unfortunately, this is going to take a while to work its way through the courts.
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  6. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,427   +1,824

    The dead ones made their choice. They forgot how good they had it in comparison to some people in the world, I.e., no gratitude for what they had in life and how good they had it. They had a hand-full of lemons and refused to make lemonade. I guess the prescriptions they were taking were not much better than alcohol or illegal drugs. The answer was obviously not in the prescriptions. Prescriptions as the only tools for surviving life's woes sounds like a path of no return to me.

    Suing Trump because they hate him? I guess that is your interpretation, but I find it not surprising.

    I would contrast DeBlasio to Giuliani, but Giuliani is just off on some fantasy trip in some fantasy land spouting BS that he thinks everyone will believe because he's the Great God Giuliani and the even Greater God tRump is his boss. I guess that you must have missed his TV interview where he said as much.

    Don't fret! I see lots of trash and trash talking every day and have no problems recognizing it.
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  7. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,427   +1,824

    Perhaps the place to complain is the FTC - at least that is what Pai says - obviously, we know who Pai works for, though.
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  8. Jenni Sepe

    Jenni Sepe TS Rookie

    So what's going to happen to those of us who have Spectrum? Are we going to have to find a different internet provider and pay out the *** for set up? Or suffer with even shittier internet?
  9. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,427   +1,824

    If I were you, I would expect to see that work being done in about never.

    From my experience when TW slammed my elderly mother onto their phone service, they have a list of crap they read to you to try to placate you when they have you on the phone. Their representative went through his list of crap which included "We don't make mistakes." Finally, he said, "I am telling you everything I am supposed to be telling you and it is supposed to calm you down, but it is making you more angry." Epic fail there in their list of crap, and that is proof positive that they have a list of crap they try to tell you to make you think they are listening to you and your problems.
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  10. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,427   +1,824

    What we really need is some competition, not only in NY, but in the rest of the country where certain ISPs have a monopoly. Competition would put the trash ISPs on notice, and would drive prices down.
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  11. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,427   +1,824

    I am sure most Spectrump NY customers are thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, that remains to be seen.

    And another looming question is will the replacement be any better? Like I said above, competition would likely lead to better service from all.

    Tom Golisano just bought a company called Greenlight - https://www.greenlightnetworks.com/ I could envision that they might be given the reigns. At this point, its a spin on the roulette wheel.
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  12. kapital98

    kapital98 TS Maniac Posts: 315   +243

    Cable companies are natural monopolies. This is why they are so heavily regulated (natural monopolies, by their inherent nature, cannot maximize profit without the market becoming inefficient).

    Just because they are being replaced doesn't mean service will improve. This is a drastic option nobody wants. NY is likely only doing it because they have to. They are calling Spectrum's bluff that Spectrum can get away with whatever they want.

    So we are left in limbo until a new provider takes over running the service. It may improve service. It may not. Other rural states have tried to work with cable companies and been burned. The problem with cable is really an Upstate, NY problem. Probably 70% of the state has serious problems with internet connectivity but because most of the state's power is centralized in about 20% of the state (Rochester, Albany and NYC), we are largely forgotten.
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  13. Norma kazulak

    Norma kazulak TS Rookie

    Yes I agree why does not Florida get involved they are wrecking us over the coals it's not fair to anybody they receive almost $2, 000 a year from me and the quality of service well let's just say I'm usually wondering when I'm going to or not going to have service state of Florida just does not regulate and doesn't keep a watchful eye New York they're obviously doing their job. Absolutely disgusted with Spectrum there should be more choices in the area. And I have one more question why is it that we pay so much money yet they sell commercials so there is very limited TV without commercials to me that's double dipping they're charging their customers to watch TV and charging businesses to advertise their product on TV if you're going to have commercials then television should be free that was the whole point in having cable back in the 70s and 80s you're paid for cable television so you can get uninterrupted television.
  14. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,427   +1,824

    Their response for "double-dipping" would probably be, "It's legal, so why not?" Even more double-dipping is allowed with the new rules Ajit Pai put in at the FCC a replacement for Net Neutrality - assuming that one passes the courts.

    I live in NYS, so I have to say that I agree with this ruling and your opinion of it - the NY PSC is doing its job.

    ISPs can get away with a lot of bad stuff because they are monopolies, and as I see it, it is about time someone is standing up to them especially in that it is highly likely that Spectrump has not met the conditions of the merger Spectrump agreed to. That is called breach of contract and is something that can get a company dragged into court.
  15. Kelline

    Kelline TS Rookie

    I've had cable for a long time. I watched the prices go up and quality go down. But Spectrum takes the cake! I'm glad they got caught. I think the customers should be reimbursed for the services we paid for but didnt get. $3 million dollars lawsuit? Where does that go? Yes, lawyers, judge,paperwork, what about us who they conned. Stole!
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  16. RockBuilt

    RockBuilt TS Rookie

    Because the BBB doesnt have any power... People dont realize that to be a part of the BBB, the company simply pays a yearly fee. The end. It isnt based on anything other than that. They are a private company.
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  17. JBNYCT

    JBNYCT TS Rookie

    I smell a class action lawsuit for consumers on the brink of Spectrum/Time Warner’s actions with NY state. We weren’t receiving the actual services promised with their short comings. I was a customer for 8 plus years. Huh well I’d be in on that.
  18. Naomi Ruiz

    Naomi Ruiz TS Rookie

    Spectrum is the worse for any type of service,I have been paying for high speed internet for years and have never had it, I have had 3 techs at my house all in one month in July 2018. one was suppose to fix my High speed internet only to disconnect my home phone, the next day another tech comes fixes the phone and says there are phone wires I don't need and continues to take them with him, then I go on with no fax machine, so another tech cmes to fix that problem and says the last tech had no right to remove my wires that I purchased, I call for credit to my bill for no high speed, no house phone and no fax, and am told I can get two days credit for there false advertising on high speed internet. also I had to pay $458.00 for microsoft to go into my computer to check it and find out why I didn't have high speed. they told me it was my internet provider witch is spectrum and that when I had my high speed supposedly fixed it changed my internet IP to a spectrum login and I ended up with a ton of viruses once they did what they did. I want another provider I have been being ripped off far to long, and am told I can not get another provider because my area is contracted by spectrum. I also am a building manager and they put dishes on the roof without my written consent and nothing can be done about this after putting holes in the roof. Naomi Ruiz I need help asap I can not have dish TV where I live.
  19. Amandah

    Amandah TS Rookie

    So I have spectrum internet what does that mean I’ll losr my internet
  20. Naomi Ruiz

    Naomi Ruiz TS Rookie

    I also have been paying for high speed and have gone without it for a very long time, even after they were here in July 3 X's I also had no phone or fax the tech took my wires and said I did not need them. I have asked for credit only to be told they would credit 2 days. I also am a building manager in Bloomingburg N'Y 12721 and dishes have been put on the roof with out my written consent in a apartment building as well as holes drilled in walls without my consent. they give a two hour window guarantee for your appt time and call and change it. when it is suppose to be a guaranteed time. so where and what is the guarantee for their lies ? I would like to file a complaint for my money back for all of my issues and inconvenients having to wait a whole day and being without my house phone when I have life alert no fax to due paper work for the apartment building and the tech taking phone wires I personally paid for not only did he take them he didn't even put them in my garbage so I could fix my phone and fax. Naomi Ruiz please email me with what I can do [email address removed] Thank you for your time and attention in this mess I have had for years, I live in a mobile home park and not allowed a dish which I do not prefer anyway
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2018
  21. Mosquitobite

    Mosquitobite TS Rookie

    I suspect New Yorkers in general might be some of the blame. Strange to deal with as tourist where I live, the infrastructure, plant might be poor up there as that place is mess. The plant condition is Spectrums issue. Nobody ever thinks speed is their own equipment problem. Their techs have a very expensive meter that test speeds out of the modem. If it passes well then it must be your equipment or the speed test site you use. Which all are worthless for the most part. Wireless speeds are not guaranteed. Get your own router and not a 39 dollar bulking form Wally World. ISP’s should stay out of the router and wireless and just provide a modem in my opinion.

    Pricing. Nobody is cheap. Nature of business is to get all they can from a customer. Don’t you? Your legacy provider sold out and it’s now owned by someone else. Your old pricing promotions ran out. I saved switching to the Spectrum plan so quit bitching and do it. You probably see a Spectrum bill, however you are still on your old plan and the discounts were cancelled. Fair? Hard to say. Just switch. Don’t make the I will cancel threat as providers hear it thousand times a day. Have balls and do it.
  22. carla collmer

    carla collmer TS Rookie

    So how does this effect the cable service? Do we have to pay 2 different bills
  23. Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith TS Rookie

    I bailed on spectrum about a month ago I was paying 125 bucks for 100 Mbps, and I was only getting 60 Mbps. I went to a local company which has pure fiber, life time price lock, and a guarantee no data caps and no bandwidth throttling, and I get what I pay for.
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  24. Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith TS Rookie

    How is all that relevant to a corporation(s) ripping people off? You do realize other nations are faster and cheaper then ours, most of them are state run, in reality state capitalism is far cheaper then private capitalism. The state doesn't have investors or stock holders to answer to, and doesn't cut corners like privatized companies do, any profit by the state goes back in the state in the form of public services, which benefits all of the people of the state.
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  25. EClyde

    EClyde TS Evangelist Posts: 1,661   +593

    Say Lisa....NY is a corp ripping people off. I decide what is relevant to my posts, not you. Read the thread, every word.

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