SpeedTouch 580 - network issues

By HansKristian85
Mar 9, 2007
  1. Hello everyone,

    I have a problem where my router is resetting itself constantly. I dont have any idea what's causing it, except I did some searching on the net where people wrote about package timeouts of some sort. I cant find the link, but I think it was a TCP/UDP timeout setting I had to change?

    I live in a apatment where we are sharing a 864 / 6944 connection,(I got the numbers from the router, but it's supposed to be a 8mbit ADSL connection) between the five of us.

    Myself i prefer playing games every once in a while or watching live streaming movies.(can I write URL's to other sites here?) Then we have 3 of us who are using p2p networking programs, and a power-user who is constantly downloading/uploading at max speed with torrents.

    We recently had a holyday, and I was the only one left in the appartment, during this time i had alot fewer resets than usual. Thats what makes me think it could have somthing to do with the router not being able to handle all the traffic 5 users generate.

    Trying to find a solution to this i searched the forums here trying to find a way to limit the bandwith trough MAC-adresses or ports on the router, apparently this is only supported by high end routers that are quite expensive. I could always get a new router, but Id rather not spend the money unless it's necessary. And preferably not more than 1 000NOK.(I think it's about 130 US $)

    I use a norwegian web-shop to get all of my computer stuff, if anyone could suggest a router from they'r list that would be great. I just hope its allowed to post URL's. If not, just tell me and ill remove it asap. (would a notepad attachment help if I can't link the page?) :suspiciou

    Here is the link to theyr network components:

    Nettverk: Network
    Kort: Card
    Aksesspunk: Accesspoint
    Trådløs: Wireless
    Bredbånd: High-speed internet connection

    I was also wondering if it could be possible to share the connection on the amount of people logged on to the router, instead of limiting it trough ports or MAC adresses.

    I have also aquired a new firmware release for my router, but i havent installed it yet. Is it possible they could have addes some sort of bandwith management support through the update, or atleast fixed the reset-issue? And if I do install it, could it cause any problems? It's an auto install file of some sort that i got from they'r homepage. I couldn't find any release notes or anything, so dont know what the update does.

    Last question now. Ive read a bit about QoS, but I cant figure out if every router which has this function can limit bandwith or if its only high quality routers who can do it?

    I know its alot of questions, but if anyone could answer any of them I would greatly appreciate it. And thanks for reading my post :)

    Edit: I added a short dictonary for norwegian/english.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    >>somthing to do with the router not being able to handle all the traffic 5 users generate

    your link to the ISP is plainly over loaded, p2p + streaming x 5 users::- it's amazing
    it runs with this much reliability. BitTorrents/uTorrents will saturate your downlink.

    try this: NIC rating (10/100) X 70% = the maximum download that will run
    without conflicts generating TCP Errors, and thus inducing TCP Retries ---
    and it's all downhill from there. Take the generated result (7/70) and divide
    by 5 users and ----- I sure hope you see the only possible result.
  3. HansKristian85

    HansKristian85 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Your random act of kindness is appreciated, but I still had the problem during the hollydays, even if it was to a lesser extent, when I was the only one using any bandwith.

    I was not streaming or using any p2p programs, and my torrents are limited at 25kb/s up and 100kb/s down. Iv'e also checked that there arent anyone else connecting to our router using the wireless net.
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