'Sponsorship' Virus

By slesca
Aug 27, 2013
  1. I believe I have the same thing that was remedied in this post -- https://www.techspot.com/community/topics/sponsorship-virus.194777/

    But to give you a summary...computer was working fine, then all of a sudden (a couple months ago) I would get a new window if I didn't have the browser open or a new tab in my browser with this "sponsorship" window. I primarily use Chrome and only started using other browsers when this occurred. When I uninstalled Chrome and used Firefox instead...the window would still pop up in Firefox. I only bring this up because I don't want to exclude any browsers and not get rid of the issue. Because once I saw it on Firefox also, I then tried using Internet Explorer (ugh), and it also did the same thing. I have noticed that it happens a lot when I "wake" my computer from sleep.

    I have tried running Malwarebytes and SpyBot and deleted any threats (as suggested). However, none of the scans that I have run have ever come up with anything called "sponsorship." I am currently running the ESET online scanner.

    Again, this has been going on for a couple months, but now it has really affected my computer. This week is when I noticed the speed decrease drastically. I have Verizon FIOS and we have 50/25 speed. When I do a speed test at speakeasy.net I am getting 8 Mbps down and 19 Mbps up, and that's crazy..

    I saw on the post referenced above not to follow certain actions, since it was specific to the poster...so here I am creating my own thread to try and fix the disease my laptop has.

    Thank you in advance for looking at my post and any input that you provide!!
  2. Broni

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    Welcome aboard [​IMG]

    Please, complete all steps listed here: https://www.techspot.com/community/...lware-removal-preliminary-instructions.58138/
    Make sure, you PASTE all logs. If some log exceeds 50,000 characters post limit, split it between couple of replies.
    Attached logs won't be reviewed.

    Please, observe following rules:
    • Read all of my instructions very carefully. Your mistakes during cleaning process may have very serious consequences, like unbootable computer.
    • If you're stuck, or you're not sure about certain step, always ask before doing anything else.
    • Please refrain from running any tools, fixes or applying any changes to your computer other than those I suggest.
    • Never run more than one scan at a time.
    • Keep updating me regarding your computer behavior, good, or bad.
    • The cleaning process, once started, has to be completed. Even if your computer appears to act better, it may still be infected. Once the computer is totally clean, I'll certainly let you know.
    • If you leave the topic without explanation in the middle of a cleaning process, you may not be eligible to receive any more help in malware removal forum.
    • I close my topics if you have not replied in 5 days. If you need more time, simply let me know. If I closed your topic and you need it to be reopened, simply PM me.
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