Spotify eliminates 10,000-item cap on libraries

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Spotify after years of holding out is finally removing the limit on saved items in a user’s library. Up to this point, users could only save 10,000 items to their Spotify library. Once hitting this barrier, users would receive a notification suggesting they remove songs or albums before being able to add additional material to their library.

Spotify in announcing the long overdue quality-of-life update said it has been a very popular request over the years with more than 12,500 votes in favor of doing away with the limit.

With the restriction now being lifted, users are free to like / save as many songs and albums as they’d like. Notably, the change doesn’t impact the offline listening limit nor does it affect playlists. Listeners will still be limited to 10,000 items in a playlist.

Spotify said the library limit change is rolling out now.

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Idek how you can have over 1,000 songs in spotify that would take a few days to get through if you have a lot of three minute songs


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Because you don't listen to them all each time, my largest playlist has about 7000 songs in it, I just randomise it and skip ones I don't want to hear or I use the play queue feature and pick the next one I like out of the next batch and so on and so on.

People listening to the same songs/playlists without shuffle is one of the reasons the charts are so messed up
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