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Square's redesigned Reader is 45 percent thinner and more reliable than the original

By Shawn Knight
Dec 9, 2013
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  1. Square on Monday released a new version of its popular mobile payments card reader that replaces the off-the-shelf components found in the original with a new set of custom-designed parts. It was designed to be more reliable and thinner than...

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  2. It's a ridiculous idea from the start. Let's plug a credit card swipe into a headphone jack. That's about as bass ackwards as possible. Who could have possibly foreseen that it wouldn't be very robust?

    My cousin runs his store on one of these things. He runs less than 40 credit card transactions per day on it. I've watched him ring many customers on this doohickey, sometimes it's smooth, sometimes not so much. When there's problems it gets hairy quick. Fortunately he deals with a specialty crowd that cuts him some slack when it aint working right.

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