Stable clocks and overvolt for the MSI HD 7970 OC Edition?

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Sep 23, 2012
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  1. Right so I recently had an massive upgrade to the msi 7970 oc edition from msi and I went straight to the overclocking I bumped it up very high but I am trying to get it stable on al games at the core clock of 1215 and memory of 1610 at 1.231v and I have been getting very nervous when it comes to the volts as I have bumped it up so high already from 1.175v therefore I am also worried for my temp sensor as I went up with the volts and overclock my temps sometimes go lower than before so I think it is giving me bad readings so I think temperature is my second worry I am fine with it though iif it does not go over 85-90 degrees. so what I need is some help from who overclocked any kind of 7970 and got it high as my settings or higher. I would really apreciate if someone would help me, and no I am not new to overclocking and do know the risks I am taking. :D
  2. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    Got your PM Erik, but I'm afraid I'm of no real help when it comes to overclocking, as its not something I've really ever done much of. I tend to run everything at stock clocks these days.
  3. Matthew

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    Erik, please stop PM spamming members for assistance.
  4. herbalfire

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    Best off just not messing with voltage you could potentially damage your card and to be honest its not like you need the extra mhz its already a powerhouse stock I havent touched my 6850 and it plays everything max so your gonna be fine :)
  5. slh28

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    I'm running mine (reference design) at the CCC limits of 1125 core/1575 mem at 1.187V. They're in Crossfire so the top card gets really hot, around 90C while the bottom one gets up to 75-80C under load.

    What resolution are you playing at and do you actually need the card to go above 1.2Ghz? You've got a nice overclock there but for card longevity I would suggest you don't go above 1.2V.
  6. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    Right so I play on 1920x1080 but I want to get at least 80 fps on every game all the time and I am afraid I have already gone to 1225 core clck and 1610 memory clok but the volatge is 1.261 and I know it wont last that long but either way and my temps are about's 75-85 under full load. well I know you probbably dont recommend me going further but if you would know stable clocks over 1200 core and 1600 memory and the volts to go with it I would be really happy and really I kind of did'nt get this on my one 1010 core clock original lets say need for speed undercover would be around 30-50 fps with everything max and then with my overclock 60- 80 fps so big bost on some games at least 100 fps :D
    either way could you recommend me some high ones like overkill clocks :D
    lso the thing is I do not have a crossfire I want to but cant right now so yeah :D
  7. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    Also sorry for no reply in a long time I had school
  8. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    And also at the volts I am running now how long do you think my card will last ?
  9. slh28

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    Might be an obvious question but do you actually have a 120Hz monitor to take advantage of the extra fps above 60fps?

    Overclocks vary from card to card, and nothing is guaranteed above the stock clock your card came with. The consensus is that most 7970's will get to the CCC limits of 1125/1575 without too much trouble and 1200Mhz is considered a good overclock. Anything above 1300Mhz on air is basically a golden card.

    I'd say you've got very good results if your temps are around 75-85C, if you try to push it higher you're going to start getting diminishing returns where a small clock increase requires a relatively larger voltage increase and the power consumption will also start to get very high. Like I said I wouldn't recommend going above 1.2V for heavy daily usage, and you should definitely not be going above 1.3V unless you're under water.

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