start up problems after upgrade

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Nov 13, 2004
  1. i recently upgraded putting in a new abit kv7 motherboard,(i already had a kv7 but gave it to a friend), athlon xp 3000 and fan and 512 ddr ram x 1. Initially the machine started and then crashed after a few moments. I tried a new power supply and there was no difference.I checked everything was secure and it then started but did not bring the monitor on. Some help please.

    Processor:Athlon xp 3000
    RAM:512 x 3 ddr
    Motherboard:abit kv7
    Graphics:256mb Radeon 9200
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    If the mobo is a newer/changed revision from the old one, you will most likely have to reinstall Windows and the new drivers from the mobo-CD.
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    I would suggest a repair of XP, instead of a reinstall, this way you can keep all of your important data and programs. Have a look here for information about repairing XP or 2000

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  4. raffsf

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    i would try and update the drivers, but the monitor isnt even switching on so i dont actually know if the machine is booting up or hanging!
  5. raffsf

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    got it sorted

    took everything out checked all components on another pc all worked. That left the mobo I took out the cmos battery and changed the jumper left it over night and the next day all was working! :grinthumb
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