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Feb 13, 2010
  1. i recently just re-formatted my mothers computer for her. now she was nice enought to back up everything she thought i needed but i am having an issue with setting up her connection to the internet. I have the file preinstall for her ethernet card and i found the drivers for the router but when i try to install the ethernet it tells me to restart my computer and install the am unsure what this is as i have never encountered this when re formatting a computer before. doesw anyone know what the NIC is and be able to help me get this installed.
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    There should be no drivers needed for the router, and NIC means Network Interface Card. Sometimes a NIC is built into a motherboard. Other times a NIC is an add-in card...
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    would you be able to help me with this? like i said i have never encountered this before with reformatting a computer and im not very computer literate. i will be able to provide any information needed to assist me with this

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    Get into the device manager and check for any yellow exclamation marks. If you see one in the network controller section, right click on the line and delete the device. Restart the computer. Your router drivers and the NIC driver might be conflicting each other
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    ok i have no network controller in my device manager. i have yellow exclimation marks under other devices that are next to:
    ethernet controller
    hpphotosmart c4400 series
    multimedia audio controller
    pci simple communications controller
    photosmart c4400 series
    photosmart c4400 series
    video controller (vga compatible)

    thats the exact order of them

    i went in and asked it to show me the hidden devices and i have network adapters. i also have made sure that my chipset is installed as i have read that on the net as somethin that needs to be done. all i need is the proper nic driver for the computer and i'll be able to connect to the net and thats it...thats all that seems to be missing. i have found a bunch of drivers on the D drive (formatted c drive and left d alone). i just cant seem to find this one driver to install
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    If you download belarc advisor it should give you the the description of your NIC chip. This might be enough to find the exact driver you need. Another source is Everest home edition 2.20 which is a little older, but still valuable, as it can also give you direct links for the update. Note that with Everest, you need to be a little careful to select the exact download you want, as there are (deliberately) confusing options, accept that free sites like MajorGeeks have to try to get income from somewhere, so they try to get you to download something similar that actually requests payment.
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    is there any other way to find out this information? i have downloaded the belarc program u gave me the link to but it wont open on the computer from the dics i have burned it to. it says the disc is blank in my moms computer but will read on my laptop. Im not very good at this and i didnt start the format just kinda forced to finish it for my parents
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    Do you have a separate ethernet card in a PCI slot on that PC's motherboard?

    If no idea, then probably not, google: CPUID or CPU-Z and run it to get your motherboard's true identity and go to that manufacturer's web site on another PC and snag the driver and move it over via a USB drive or cd burn.

    Unzip the driver or run the .exe if applicable once on Mom's PC and it should do the dirty work for you installing the driver.

    If it's an actual NIC card, write down the model info and grab it off their web site.

    A likely on-board brand is RealTek.
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    yet again i have downloaded and burned the cpu-z program onto a disc and my moms computer reads the disc as empty. i had no issue with it last night and when i put the disc into my laptop it reads it fine. now i am using (stupid) vista on my laptop....i dont know if this would have anything to do with it but it worked fine with all the other disc i had that were made before format and now it wont read the discs i burn from my laptop
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