Startup Lag

By rmjryost
Apr 21, 2008
  1. I've stumbled across a really bizarre occurrance with my Dell Inspiron 8200.

    Just installed a clean copy of Windows XP Pro. Was working fine. While installing device drivers for my TrueMobile 1300 mpci, I was having trouble finding the upgraded version allowing WPA. Attempted to install a bunch of different drivers, non of which completed install because compatible hardware wasn't found.

    Next time I rebooted, Windows frooze w/ splash screen and blue rabbit light bar.

    Rebooted again and system would only take keyboard input for about 1-2 seconds before freezing again for about 10 seconds.

    I'm at the point where I finally coerced it into a safe boot, and attempting to do a system restore.

    Has anyone ever seen this happen before? What's the cause?
  2. rmjryost

    rmjryost TS Rookie Topic Starter

    problem still exists

    Well, it took about an hour for the system restore to take effect. During reboot system still only works 1 second for every 10-20. For example, the windows startup sound came across about 8 sequential segments.

    This can't be a driver problem. I'm thinking it's the processor or motherboard.
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