Still trying to load "kernel debugger DLL" (or DDL, something like that)

By Mr Geek777 ยท 4 replies
Nov 11, 2006
  1. i am trying to load windows XP pro, i installed a new hard-drive, but for some reason, it gets to setup, then is says:

    "setup is loading files (Kernel Debugger DLL)"

    it stayed like this all night, and i am getting frustrated. i know more about the hardware right now than the software, so if someone could tell me what the problem is, it would be nice

    *this is my first post, so Hello!
  2. mjay23

    mjay23 TS Rookie

    Hello Mr Geek777,

    I saw your post the other day and I was encountering the same problem as you did, getting frustrated about it and all. Almost knock the whole pc down and just forget about it.... "just go buy a new one"... but no I didn't give up, instead just cool off and walk away from it til your frustration is out and gone....and then get back at it again to mess with it while you're coolled downnnnnn :)

    Anyway, you say you know more about the hardware than the software. I think you left out something to what you say "You know more about Hardware than Software". Remember what runs that software is the hardware therefore make sure all your hardware in that pc is healthy and good running my friend and I can understand you were frustrated when it got stuck to "setup is loading files (Kernel Debugger DLL)". That's just the test for us consumers.

    Go back to your Hardware and check it again, try to detach/unplug the cable (Serial ATA or IDE) from the hard drive and boot the Window XP Pro from the DVD/CD Drive. If you it does the same stuck on "setup is loading files (Kernel Debugger DLL)". The Hard Drive is ok and it's in working order. The problem is the PHYSICAL MEMORY, don't ask me why but the PHYSICAL MEMORY is bad. Replace the MEMORY. Go buy a new one and replace it. Memory is the problem.

    Hope this Help you and My Friend Til then... :)
    Good Luck in installing your Windows XP

    - mjay23
  3. nawshad

    nawshad TS Rookie


    Also try swapping the RAM if it does not work then change it I've done it and it works thanks
  4. tonkkids

    tonkkids TS Rookie

    Swapped around my ram and it worked like a charm!! Maybe just taking out the ram resets something. Anyways...thanks heaps!!
  5. Shiggity

    Shiggity TS Rookie

    I'll be damned... swapping out some RAM worked for me too. Never would have thought of that.
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