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Mar 19, 2008
  1. Each time I boot Windows Xp on my pc it displays this error message, Pls I need ur urgent advice on solving this problem thanks.
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    What did you install prior to get message on your system?
    Can you boot okay into safe mode?
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    Pls Help

    Pls I Ve Tried Everything Nothing Yet What Else Should I Do Pls?
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    First of all thanks for replying my post here, am most grateful. I had Windows Xp Service Park One, I was upgrading it to Service pack 2 until when I got a interrupted power supply at home.
    I turned on the pc to boot to xp only to see the blue screen error. I also tried formating it all over again, It installed but when it gets to the final satge of installing Xp it stops.

    I decided to remove the Harddisk and used another destop pc I had at home to reinstall Windows Unlimited, surprisingly it worked on that pc.SO I returned it to my own pc and restarted it, get to the point it askes to boot in save mode i tried it boots and reaches the blue screen again and restarts again. I also tried boot last worked configuration or so the same thing.

    Each time it to boot xp the blue screen comes up again.
    Am stuck pls help me here.
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    I got the "Stop 0x000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" error when I changed motherboard. It is a W2K system but the solution probably works for XP as well.

    1. ****GET UBCD4WIN**** It's free.

    2. Start your PC from the CD. Click Start - Programs - Registry Tools - FIX_hdc.

    That´s all folks
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